CEH Program Information

Become Certified Ethical Hacker with EC-Council's Ethical Hacking training programs

  Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

CEH Program

CEH provides a comprehensive ethical hacking and network security-training program to meet the standards of highly skilled security professionals. Hundreds of SMEs and authors have contributed towards the content presented in the CEH courseware. Latest tools and exploits uncovered from the underground community are featured in the new package. Our researchers have invested thousands of man hours researching the latest trends and uncovering the covert techniques used by the underground community.

EC-Council's iLabs is a subscription based service that allows students for CEH  iLab Guide

EC-Council's iLabs

iLabs is a subscription-based sandboxed Cyber Range where InfoSec Professionals can hone their skills, launch attacks, perform investigations, and test new attack & defense tools with just a click of the mouse. Students can access cloud-based iLabs virtual Lab environment by using any standard web browser.

Security Misconfiguration
Web Application Architecture
Information Gathering

Data Breach Investigations Report
Elements of Information Security
Effects of Hacking on Business

Who is a Hacker?
Hacking Phases
Examples of Application - Level Attacks

Incident Management Process
What is penetration Testing?
Why FootPrinting?

FootPrinting Methodology
People Search
Competitive Intelligence Gathering

Footprint Using Google Hacking Techniques
WHOIS Lookup
What is Social Engineering

Collecting Facebook Information
Collecting LinkedIn Information
FootPrinting Pen Testing

New Module Flow Design

Footprinting through Search Engines
Footprinting threats
Footprinting methodology

Module Flow
Attack Web Services
SQL Injection Attacks

Graphical Representation

  Objectives of Footprinting
  Collecting Twitter Information


 New Hacking Techniques
   Tracking Users on Social Networking Sites    WHOIS Lookup Tools  

CEH - Features


CEH has an exclusive section, which provides detailed explanation of countermeasures to be adopted against different types of attacks.

Organized Content

The well-designed content enhances the learning experience and ensures better understanding of key concepts, attack types and hacking methodologies.

DVD - ROM Content

CEH is accompanied with a repository of approximately 24GB of latest hacking and security tools.

Updated Content

CEH contains updated content based on rapidly evolving security challenges and attack techniques.

Security Tools

CEH offers a detailed description of industry-standard security tools and technologies.

Penetration Testing

CEH has an exclusive section for Penetration Testing. The section demonstrates how to conduct network pen testing using proven methodologies.

Illustration Rich

The slides contain diagrams and illustrations to create better under-standing of hacking concepts and actual attack paths. 

iLabs - Virtual Lab Environment

Students will be able to access online cloud based iLabs virtual Lab environment. The entire iLabs systems can be accessed by using a web browser.

Hacking Tools

CEH showcases thousands of Hacking tools including password crackers, spyware, live Trojans and viruses.

Lab Setup

Lab Setup environment includes 5 virtual machines to test different attack scenarios. These machines are configured to simulate a real-time complex network environment.

Expert Instructors

The course in taught by expert instructors and world renowned network security specialists and developers.

Visual Appeal

Eye-catching graphics complement the content and enhance the learning experience.

Class Room Friendly

The well-structured slides create an interactive classroom environment.


Hands on Workshop on Ethical Hacking and Information Security.

New Hacks

CEH provides insights on new hacking techniques, exploits, vulnerabilities, viruses, Trojan and organized cyber crime.

Lab Manual

CEH Course ware consists of a result oriented, descriptive and analytical lab manual. Labs are tested against latest Operating Systems with all the patches and hot fixes applied.