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Regardless of how safe and secure any organization may think its IT infrastructure are, they realize that they are still not immune to information security threats. In addition to deploying the right tools and technology, organizations globally needs to develop a robust and competent workforce equipped with the necessary skills to adequately defend its IT infrastructures. These cyber defenders need not just basic training to sufficiently defend against mounting security threats, more than ever, they now require advanced security training. Information security professionals are required to stay up-to-date on the latest security technologies, threats and remediation strategies. While certification training may provide the baseline knowledge, security professionals must embark on advanced security training to acquire highly technical skills to defend against and mitigate the most vicious attacks. Such advanced security training are designed to equip IT security professionals with the most advanced security skills required to safeguard the integrity of the IT infrastructures of their organization

About VampireTech

VampireTech, Inc., an EC-Council innovation! Created to detect vulnerabilities in Cloud and Web Applications and defend our customer’s sensitive information from Hackers!

In 2012, the idea of VampireTech was formulated by 2 of the pioneering creators of the world-renowned information security training and certification company, EC-Council; Sanjay Bavisi and Haja Mohideen. EC-Council is considered the world’s largest technical certification company for information security professionals. EC-Council delivers information security programs and certifications in over 80 Countries with over 200,000 Certified Information Security professionals globally.


Advanced Security Training

EC-Council’s Center for Advanced Security Training (CAST) was created to address the need for highly technical and Advanced Security Training for information security professionals. CAST programs stand out from others thorough their extreme hands-on approach. These highly technical, lab intensive Advanced Security Training courses will allow a participant to combat real life scenarios.


Cast Programs

CAST programs are designed and developed by EC-Council in collaboration with well-respected subject-matter experts and industry practitioners. All of these Advanced Security Training courses will only conducted by appointed EC-Council Master Trainers, some of whom are authors of the respective courses. Theories are limited to the bare essentials, and the bulk of the training session will be focused on a participant’s individualized involvement in “getting their hands dirty”. CAST will offer programs that will cover important domains such as advanced penetration testing training, malware analysis, advanced social engineering, cryptography, digital forensics deep dive, web application security, among others.


CAST 611
Advanced Penetration Testing

Advanced Penetration Testing (CAST 611)
Attacking Hardened Defense Systems


CAST 611 will teach you how to do a professional security test and produce the most important thing from a test ... the findings and the report!

The ranges progresses in difficulty and reflect an enterprise level architecture. There will be defenses to defeat and challenges to overcome. This is not your typical FLAT network! As the range levels increase you will encounter the top defenses of today and learn the latest evasion techniques.

The format you will use has been used to train 1000s penetration testers globally, it is proven and effective!

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CAST 612
Advanced Mobile Hacking & Forensics

Advanced Mobile Hacking & Forensics (CAST 612)
Elevating Mobile Forensics & Investigation To An Art Form

Mobile Forensics is defined as “the science of recovering digital evidence from a mobile device under forensically sound conditions using accepted methods.”  (NIST)

This Three-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and real world hands-on practical skills for performing Mobile Forensic Investigations. The course is based on vendor neutral Digital Forensic principals, with a great deal of focus on Apple, Google Android, RIM Blackberry and an array of other mobile devices.

In order to successfully complete a Mobile Forensics investigation it is imperative that you learn both the hardware and software design intricacies of these platforms as well as the common investigation protocols currently recognized and accepted for court trials.

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CAST- 613
Hacking and Hardening your Corporate WebApplication

A Developer Perspective


A completely unique approach to making internally developed code safe. Sure we all know the basics but have we ever walked a mile in the hacker’s shoes.

How would they go about Hacking our Corporate Developed Web Site/Web App? Our Developers are schooled in what they would try? Aren’t they?

How can you possibly know how to protect your home if you don’t know how the burglar breaks into it? It’s impossible! We are taking the unusual approach of hacking our own code using very simple tools that the developer uses every day.

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CAST 614
Advanced Network Defense

Advanced Network Defense (CAST 614)
Hardening Your Enterprise


This is a comprehensive fast paced technical security training program that will take the perspective of the “hacker”, and use that for the foundation of defending against the latest attacks. It is fun to be on offense and do the hacking and penetration testing, but for most us the reality is we have to play defense. This program provides an offensive mindset to provide a robust and solid defense.
While there is no such thing as perfect security, there are best practices and methodologies you can follow to secure most environments and provide segmentation and isolation to reduce the effectiveness of the Advanced Persistent Threat. The technical security training program starts with an introduction to advanced “hacks” and how you can fortify your defenses.

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CAST 616
Securing Windows Infrastructure

Securing Windows Infrastructure (CAST 616)
Attack Based Defense from the Ground Up

This 3 day technical course focuses on the key aspects of Windows Infrastructure Security, applying best practices to secure interconnected information systems within your organization providing a holistically reliable framework to support an entire enterprise structure


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CAST 618
Designing and Implementing Cloud Security

Advanced Security Training (CAST 618)
Designing and Implementing Cloud Security

The Designing and Implementing Cloud Security course provides comprehensive knowledge of cloud services, their characteristics, benefits, applications, and service models. The course will help professionals understand the risks and threats associated with cloud service adoption and migrating business-critical data to third party systems.

The program covers planning, designing, and implementing cloud security controls. It delves in to various cloud standards, countermeasures, and best practices to secure information in the cloud. The program also emphasizes the business aspects of cloud security such as cloud uptime, uptime guarantee, availability, fault tolerance, fail-over policy, and how cloud security strengthens the business case for cloud adoption.

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CAST 619
Advanced SQLi Attacks and Countermeasures

Advanced SQLi Attacks and Countermeasures (CAST 619)

cast 619 img

The rapidly evolving information security landscape now requires professionals to stay up to date on the latest security technologies, threats and remediation strategies. CAST was created to address the need for quality advanced technical training for information security professionals who aspire to acquire the skill sets required for their job functions. CAST courses are advanced and highly technical training programs co-developed by EC-Council and well-respected industry practitioners or subject matter experts. CAST aims to provide specialized training programs that will cover key information security domains, at a advanced level.


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CAST Schedule

Course Title Dates City/State Enquire
Advanced Network Defense
(CAST 614)
Oct 27th-30th, 2014
Enquire Here
Mobile Hacking and Forensics
(CAST 612)
Oct 12th-17th, 2014
Enquire Here
Securing Windows Infrastructure
(CAST 616)
Oct 12th-17th, 2014
Enquire Here
Advanced Network Defense
(CAST 614)
Oct 12th-17th, 2014
Enquire Here
Advanced Penetration Testing
(CAST 611)
Sep 29th - Oct 02nd, 2014
Enquire Here
Mobile Hacking and Forensics
(CAST 612)
Aug 14th-19th, 2014
Securing Windows Infrastructure
(CAST 616)
Aug 14th-19th, 2014
Advanced Network Defense
(CAST 614)
Aug 14th-19th, 2014
Advanced Penetration Testing
(CAST 611)
July 21st - 24th, 2014
Advanced Penetration Testing
(CAST 611)
Feb 17th - 19th, 2014

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Get advanced Information Security Training from globally recognized EC-Council's Trainers

Kevin Cardwell advanced penetration testing

Kevin Cardwell - Advanced Penetration Testing (CAST 611)

Kevin Cardwell served as the leader of a 5 person Red Team that achieved a 100% success rate at compromising systems and networks for six straight years. He has conducted over 500 security assessments across the globe. His expertise is in finding weaknesses and determining ways clients can mitigate or limit the impact of these weaknesses.

He currently works as a free-lance consultant and provides consulting services for companies throughout the world, and as an advisor to numerous government entities within the US, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the UK . He is an Instructor, Technical Editor and Author for Computer Forensics, and Hacking courses. He is the author of the Center for Advanced Security and Training (CAST) Advanced Network Defense course. He is technical editor of the Learning Tree Course Penetration Testing Techniques and Computer Forensics. He has presented at the Blackhat USA, Hacker Halted, ISSA and TakeDownCon conferences. He has chaired the Cybercrime and Cyberdefense Summit in Oman. He is author of Bactrack: Testing Wireless Network Security.  He holds a BS in Computer Science from National University in California and a MS in Software Engineering from the Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Texas. He developed the Strategy and Training Development Plan for the first Government CERT in the country of Oman that recently was rated as the top CERT for the Middle East. he serves as a professional training consultant to the Oman Information Technology Authority, and developed the team to man the first Commercial Security Operations Center in the country of Oman.  He has worked extensively with banks and financial institutions throughout the Middle East, Europe and the UK in the planning of a robust and secure architecture and implementing requirements to meet compliance. He currently provides consultancy to Commercial companies, governments, major banks and financial institutions in the Gulf region to include the Muscat Securities Market (MSM) and the Central Bank of Oman. Additionally, he provides training and consultancy to the Oman CERT and the SOC team in the monitoring and incident identification of intrusions and incidents within the Gulf region.

Wayne Burke - IT Security Expert

Wayne Burke - Advanced Mobile Hacking & Forensics (CAST 612)

Wayne Burke has had considerable hands-on IT Security experience consulting or lecturing, whether it was for Government Agencies, Healthcare Institutions, Financial and international companies.

His experience in the public / defense sectors is equally complemented by assignments undertaken for heavyweight world renowned corporations including Yahoo, Xerox, AT&T and Texas Instruments to name but a few. He is imminently qualified in his field in that he holds a string of professional qualifications in Networking to name a few (MCT, MCSE, Cisco, Network+) and IT Security (CIW-SA, Security+, CEH, ECSA, LPT, CHFI) besides a bachelor’s degree in science.
Wayne is currently the CSO for Sequrit CSI, responsible for the technical realm and security management, which includes consulting teams . He is a captain of a global operating group of penetration testers and security experts. Wayne and his group have delivered security assessments, Penetration Test assignments and customized training for International Corporations and many Government Agencies such as: EPA, FAA, DOJ, DOE, DOD + 8570: Air force, Army, Navy, Marines, FBI and Statewide Law Enforcement Offices in the USA.
In Europe: NATO, Europol, MOD (Military of Defense UK) various EU Law Enforcement, Dutch Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Justice, local European Law Enforcement: UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark.
ASIA: Singapore Gov, Philippines’ Presidential Office, the Undersecretary, and Cyber Crime Police Specialist Unit. Jakarta, Tax Investigations Office. Various Malaysian  Gov agencies. Plus Corporate and  government bodies from Africa, and numerous Gulf locations to name a few. His office has become his next long haul international flight.

Tim Pierson

Tim Pierson - Advanced Application Security (CAST 613)

Tim Pierson is one of the World’s leading trainers in technology networks and security with credentials including ongoing selection to author training courses and manuals for global corporations. He conducts high-level security evaluations and delivers seminars before professional conventions.  He is endowed with exceptional skills in communicating sophisticated information to sophisticated and non-sophisticated clientele.

Tim has been a technical trainer for the past 23 years and is an industry leader in both Security and Virtualization. He has been the noted speaker at many industry events including, Lectures at/for Savannah River & Los Alamos Nuclear Power Plant, Innotech, GISSA, many military venues including the Pentagon, and numerous Military facilities addressing security both in the US and Europe, Including but not limited to Numerous Army Bases in Germany and Belgium with both the US and Foreign Military organizations.

Tim is currently Senior Consultant and Trainer at Data Sentry, Inc. with special responsibilities to initiate, develop and validate training programs for current security practices and procedures. Tim possesses formidable knowledge in these areas and the years ahead will see Tim transcribe his know-how into authoring many certification training classes, often times completing self-certification on new and emerging products in advance of teaching or writing courseware or books on related subjects.

Tim’s training stints have taken him to many parts of the world — most major US cities, Europe and Asia. Having been exposed to a variety of students and audiences has given him the added advantage of being able to pitch his commitment at the appropriate level. It is therefore not surprising that he consistently receives accolades bearing testimony to his training prowess.

Tim’s projects include being contributing author of “VMware Virtual Infrastructure Security: Securing ESX and the Virtual Environment“. Moreover, he has done work for the bi-monthly Virtualization Security Roundtable Podcast available as a download on iTunes and Talk Shoe.  Tim was Featured Speaker on Secure Coding and Virtualization Practices at Hacker-Halted in Miami September 2009 and the Hacker-Halted in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in November 2009.

Kevin Cardwell

Kevin Cardwell - Advanced Network Defense (CAST 614)

Kevin Cardwell spent 22 years in the U.S. Navy, during this time he tested and evaluated Surveillance and Weapon system software, some of this work was on projects like the Multi-Sensor Torpedo Alertment Processor (MSTRAP), Tactical Decision Support System (TDSS), Computer Aided Dead Reckoning Tracer (CADRT), Advanced Radar Periscope Discrimination and Detection (ARPDD), and the Remote Mine Hunting System (RMHS). He has worked as both software and systems engineer on a variety of Department of Defense projects and early on was chosen as a member of the project to bring Internet access to ships at sea. Following this highly successful project he was selected to head the team that built a Network Operations Center (NOC) that provided services to the commands ashore and ships at sea in the Norwegian Sea and Atlantic Ocean . He served as the Leading Chief of Information Security at the NOC for six years prior to retiring from the U.S. Navy. During this time he was the leader of a 5 person Red Team that had a 100% success rate at compromising systems and networks.
He currently works as a free-lance consultant and provides consulting services for companies through out the world, and as an advisor to numerous government entities within the US and UK. He is an Instructor, Technical Editor and Author for Computer Forensics, and Hacking courses. He is technical editor of the Learning Tree Course Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures and Computer Forensics. He is author of the Controlling Network Access course. He has presented at the Blackhat USA Conferences. He is a contributing author to the Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator V3 Study Guide and The Best Damn Cyber crime and Digital Forensics Book Period. He is a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Security analyst (E|CSA), Qualified Penetration Tester (QPT), Certified in Handheld Forensics,  Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) and Live Computer Forensics Expert (LCFE), and holds a BS in Computer Science from National University in California and a MS in Software Engineering from the Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Texas. His current research projects are in Computer Forensic evidence collection on "live" systems, Professional Security Testing and Advanced Rootkit technologies. He developed the Strategy and Training Development Plan for the first Government CERT in the country of Oman, he servers as a professional training consultant to the Oman Information Technology Authority, and is currently developing the team to man the first Commercial Security Operations Center in the country of Oman.

Paula Januszkiewicz

Paula Januszkiewicz - Securing Windows Infrastructure (CAST 616)

Paula Januszkiewicz is an IT Security Auditor and Penetration Tester, Enterprise Security Most Valuable Professional, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft Security Trusted Advisor. She is a familiar face at international events and conferences such as TechEd North America, TechEd Middle East and TechEd Europe, RSA worldwide, CyberCrime and others worldwide. Her passion for Windows & IT Security allows her to spread her expertise via her trainings and consulting services focusing on areas such as Infrastructure Security & Design, Penetration Testing, IT Security Audits, Networking Security, Windows Internals and Forensics and through her writing regarding Windows Security.
Her distinct specialization is definitely on Microsoft security solutions in which she holds multiple Microsoft certifications (MCITP, MCTS, MCSE, MCDBA etc.) besides being familiar and possessing certifications with other related technologies. She proudly holds the role of the Security Architect in iDESIGN and has conducted hundreds IT security audits and penetration tests.  When she’s not driving her own company CQURE, she enjoys researching new related technologies, which she converts to authored trainings and describes them on her blog. She is also a co-author of the Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 book and is currently working on her new book under the same subject.

Paula Januszkiewicz

Mr. Haja Mohideen - Designing and Implementing Cloud Security (CAST 618 & CAST 619)

Mr. Haja Mohideen is the VP- Technology and Co-Founder of EC-Council. He manages the certifications and training programs for EC-Council, and leads the product development team. He is known worldwide as the creator of the popular EC-Council certification programs Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH), Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI), EC-Council Certified System Analyst / Licensed Penetration Tester (ECSA/LPT) and EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer (ECSP), among others.

Haja has 17 years of experience specializing in the development, support and project management of PC software and hardware. He has trained various Fortune 500 companies as well as US government agencies. He is also the Master Trainer for EC-Council courses, and his training is often sought after globally. He has led training in many countries including Greece, India, USA, Indonesia, Singapore, England, Mexico, amongst others. Haja is also one of few who are qualified to conduct train the trainer sessions for EC-Council courses.

Haja holds a Masters Degree in Software Engineering and has numerous industry-wide IT certifications from Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Motorola, 3COM, Adobe, Intel and many others. He carries over 90 vendor certifications.





Improved knowledge

Wayne had done some EC-Council Security Fast Tracks at our organization. He is able to motivate his students to adopt his enthusiasm and guidelines. Where possible, Wayne will use his security skills for the benefit of the client. He has proven to be of added value, not just because of his security skills (which are plenty) but also because of his creative ways to finish the course in time. He is a very positive driven person who motivates the people around him.

Emile Kok

Real-world Security

I had the fortune of having Tim as my instructor on my ECSA/LPT course. What a man, not only does Tim get through the necessary course work, but also teaches the latest techniques in the field. He arranged video conferences with some of the industry’s leading minds. Not many teachers go the extra mile, but Tim went further.

Wynn Jones, Greenfield, Flintshire
United Kingdom

Validates and Supports Skills

This class provides an excellent framework to begin a career as a Professional Wireless Penetration Tester, or to add to your systems/networks defense knowledge.  Mr. Cardwell has given us a "complete approach" to penetration and defense:  showing us that in wireless networks, the wired side is as important (if not more) to ensure protection on as the wireless side.  This class was engaging, and Mr. Cardwell's vast experience certainly contributed to the value of the course.  I highly recommend this course and certification to anyone who has any wireless nodes on their network and also to those who want to make sure that none pop up, unexpectedly.

US Army

Professional Instructors

Mr.McCray provides all the expected training, and then exponentially more. His style and delivery not just provides the basic information, but real-life examples, personal experiences, and current, hands on solutions. Mr. McCray's teaching and consultative services are my first choice.

Gergely T
Baltimore, Maryland Area

Awesome Training

Ina constantly threatening and consistently changing internet security world, Wayne always delivered the most up-to-date and informative security training classes possible. His pre-class preparation and his attention to the latest real world challenges and scenarios made students know that they were learning what they needed to learn to handle any present day situation involving an internet/network/hacking security threat. His student evaluations always received the highest scores, and his availability for months after his classes was especially valuable to his students.

Dallas/FortWorth Area

Advanced Exploitation Methods

This is an excellent course Kevin is a very knowledgeable instructor and I feel that I am leaving this course a much better Security Specialist.

M. Wilson

Exciting and Mind Stimulating

Wayne is a great personality with a high degree of integrity. He gives knowledge with enormous enthusiasm that's addictive for the whole class. I would without any reservation recommend him as a trainer or security consultant.

Bram Stienstra
The Hague Area, Netherlands

Excellent Program

The instructor is very knowledgeable and interesting.

David Caissy
CAST Summit


Wayne is one of the most experienced Information Security experts I dealt with. His vast knowledge and hands-on experience advanced technical is unmatched.

 Mohammed Isa Hammad

Valuable Learning Experience

Joe is dynamic, engaging, and a great instructor! I thoroughly enjoyed the training

Joshua Broussard


Improved Marketability

This course was very interesting and contained a lot of important knowledge that i needed. I would like if you would notify me for similar courses that are gonna be held in Lebanon. Thank you, Joe was excellent. The labs were very educational and a lot was learned from them. I wish this course was longer.

Georges EL HAJAL

Incridible Asset to Copmany

This is an excellent course Kevin is a very knowledgeable instructor and I feel that I am leaving this course a much better Security Specialist.

M. Wilson

Saved Company Money

The course material was excellent.

Hanna Jabbour

Most Wanted Security Certificate

We hope to see similar trainings in the region if not in the country. Joe is a reference in this field and an excellent instructor. He is the one you can get the right answers from no matter what your questions are-just ask!!


Increased Efficiency

He taught the basics of hacking databases. I was working light speed to keep up, but the pace and content were invigorating--and Joe was funny! He made the class easy to understand both from the technical perspective and the real world application. After class, I was able to take my experience and demonstrate these hacks with my colleagues at work. Seeing the ease with which these occur underscored our requirement to remediate these vulnerabilities in all our efforts. I continue to follow Joe and always find his LI links and comments valuable. Further, I know if I reach out to him with a question, he will be there. I cannot more highly recommend Joe and his team.

Marsha Wilson
Greater San Diego Area

Increased Efficiency

Joe has been a very welcome addition to the Extreme Networks security team. He brings a level of security expertise, both technically and administratively that would take me years to duplicate. His extensive background in end systems penetration testing is unparalleled in my experience in this career field and is a demonstration of his technical ability. Joe also has an extensive background in compliance efforts covering numerous government and industry standards polished through his years working for and consulting for the government. These skills have enabled Extremes security practice to grow considerably.

Brian Comstock,
Phoenix, Arizona Area

Certified CAST Instructor

Certified CAST Instructor

CAST-Master Trainer Format

The Certified CAST Instructor program is designed for individuals who want to become certified to deliver CAST curriculum on topics ranging from Advance Penetration testing, Cloud security, SQL injections, Network defense, windows security, mobile forensics and application security. The CCI program provides resources for individuals to become industry-recognised trainers for security technologies.

CAST courses are instructor-led classes that combine lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on student exercises. Certified CAST Instructors maintain a high level of instructional preparedness through continued access to CAST’s training resources. Candidates will be qualified both in technical proficiency and instructional skills prior to authorisation.

CCI Requirements

To become a Certified CAST Instructor, you must:

  • Submit a completed CCI Trainer application
  • Attend the CAST Train the Trainer program for the course you want to become certified to deliver
  • Pass the associated CAST certification exam
  • Meet CAST’s quality standards by demonstrating your ability to deliver the CAST course at either the Train-the-Trainer session or on-line
  • Posses highly technical expertise in hands-on industry experience with the subject matter of the course you are aspiring to
  • Sign the CAST Trainer Agreement

How long does it take to become a CCI?

The time it takes to become a CCI will vary, depending on factor such as:

  • Submitting the application
  • Responding to requests for information & background checks
  • Availability and Train-the-Trainer attendance of the course you are seeking certification to teach
  • Passing the certification exam
  • Your knowledge of CAST products and technologies
  • Your experience in training


What fees and expenses are associated with the program?

Applicants pay Train-the-Trainer and processing fee of USD 500/-. If the applicant has not given the CAST exam or attended CAST training than the applicant needs to purchase a courseware for self study and exam voucher for the CAST exam.

Apply Now

On-Site Training

Advanced Security Training


              information security training

CAST On-site provides personalized Advanced Security Courses to meet the needs of the individual or company and are planned to ensure maximum flexibility in terms of logistics, dates and cost issues. Our certified expert trainers are experienced educators and highly knowledgeable in their respective fields. CAST On-site prides itself on strict quality control principles at all times to ensure that clients receive the highest standard of training and service.
CAST On-Site training is designed to add great value to your work force by increasing staff efficiency and skills ensuring improved productivity and output that far exceeds the value of the initial training costs.



Key features of CAST Onsite

  • Each of the courses selected from the CAST Advanced Training Suite will be specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual, based according to their current skills and pace of learning to meet your organisation’s unique objectives and goals.
  • CAST On-site expert/trainers will be flown down to your premise of choice at a date most suitable to you
  • CAST On-site allows students to receive training in more manageable sessions arranged over a spread of a few days that allowing for greater absorption of knowledge with an opportunity to practice and verify the new skills after each session prior to commencing the next one
  • CAST On-site allows students to receive training in more manageable sessions arranged over a spread of a few days that allowing for greater absorption of knowledge with an opportunity to practice and verify the new skills after each session prior to commencing the next one
  • With CAST On-site Advanced Security courses students will be able to take advantage of directly conversing with the chosen expert in matters unique to the student and your organisation
  • You can be rest assured that all challenges and objectives pertaining to your organisation’s goals can be discussed in an environment that ensures complete confidentiality
  • Each individual client receives the required high level of training that is bench marked to international best practise and standards
  • Each student receives a CAST Advanced Security Training Courseware that allows them to follow and revise the material that has been taught to them
  • Upon completion of the course, each student will receive a CAST On-Site Advanced Security Training certificate of attendance


Advanced Security Training

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