Slate Talk

This year CES was full of vaporware promises and lots of noise. The two products that looks promising are 3D televisions and Slate computer.

Microsoft demonstration of their slate offering was pretty bad. It was nothing but Windows 7 OS running on tablet computer. I expected more from Steve Ballmer. What a disappointment!

Let’s hope Apple does not fail us with their iSlate product (I guess).

Exciting 2010 Ahead

Kickstart 2010 with exciting new products from EC-Council. CEHv7, CHFIv4, ECSA/LPT v5 and ECDR / ECVT.

Keep watching this channel for more updates.

Welcome to Athena Website

It took us 10 months to develop the new Athena website. The site is based on Aqua flow with reflection look. I am sure you will like it. Thanks Jay, Michelle, Dawne, Leo, Steve and Sean for your support and help. Michelle probably went through zillion revisions on Athena chasing everybody for content. Thanks Steve for your iClass links.

Please let me know your thoughts on Athena.