About Us

About Us:

Launched in 2013, CodeUncode is a national level secure programming competition with an aim to create an opportunity to generate and strengthen awareness about secure programming and bring together existing and aspiring security professionals in the field of programming.

The key initiative for CodeUncode is to hunt for country’s top secure programmers and raise the level of
secure programming in India-well known as the ‘software capital of the world’.

Code Uncode Organizing Committee:

  • Jay Bavisi - Co-Founder and Global President, EC-Council & EC-Council Foundation, Chairman, CodeUncode
  • Akash Agarwal - Country Head, EC-Council India

About EC-Council Foundation

EC-Council Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by EC-Council to raise awareness of cyber safety issues for the global community while unifying global cyber defense.

EC-Council Foundation’s mission is to create a safer cyber world, by using our programs and events to advocate safer online activities. Cyber security statistics show that the majority of security breaches are: low in difficulty, take a long time to discover, are discovered by outside parties, and are perpetrated by outsiders.

Through our programs we aim to stop malicious hacking at its core cause, while creating an opportunity for ethical hacking to be accepted and practiced without any discrimination, across all geographical boundaries for the purpose of understanding what it takes to protect and secure critical information and assets.


The participants will be provided with an online questionnaire based on their domain knowledge of Secure Programming in basic C, C++, .net & Java and they will be tested on their ability to design secure programs.
The goal is to provide a challenge for secure programmers to compete for the position and the title of the India’s Most Secure Programmer.

The programmers will compete at the basic preliminary round, moving on to the semi-finals and finally competing in the grand finale. There will be multiple choice questions and they will have to score the maximum in a limited period of time. After every round the top 10% of the participants will move to the next round finally moving to the finale.

The event will be conducted in 3 parts-Preliminary, Semi Finals and Finals leading to identifying the top programmers in our country.

Preliminary Round - 90 Mins

  • 100 multiple choice questions in basics of Secure Programming

Semi Final - October 13th, 2014 to November 7th, 2014

  • Syllabus: C++ & Java or C++ & .NET
  • Duration of the test: 60 minutes
  • Question Pattern: 75 Multiple Choice and Scenario based questions

Grand Finale - November 22, 2014

  • Syllabus: C++ & Java or C++ & .NET
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Question Pattern: 10 Scenario based questions


Content Counsel

Dr. Maninder Singh

Dr. Maninder Singh
Associate Professor & Head
Computer Science and Engineering Department
Thapar University, Patiala

Ketan Vyas

Ketan Vyas,
Head - Application Security Initiative


Geeta Singh

Geeta Singh
Cybersecurity Expert


Mr. Niranjan Reddy

Mr. Niranjan Reddy
Cybersecurity Expert



VP Prabhakaran

VP Prabhakaran
Cybersecurity Evangelist



Dr. Shailendra Singh Thakur

Dr. Shailendra Singh Thakur
Professor- Gyan Ganga Group of Institutions




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