New Horizons sponsor on the most important hackers conference in Brazil: H2HC

Over the past 27 to November 28 was held at Hotel Novotel Morumbi in São Paulo | Brazil the 7th Edition H2HC (Hackers to Hackers Conference). A conference organized by people who work or who are directly involved with research and development in information security, whose main goal is to enable the dissemination, discussion and exchange of knowledge on information security among participants and also among the companies involved in event. With training and lectures presented by respected members of the corporate world, research groups and underground community. This year the conference has demonstrated techniques that have never been seen or discussed with the public before.

The New Horizons Brazil with his technical staff and consultants attended the event as sponsor, offering training and showing their networks training, information security training and the coveted EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker training, which aims at qualifying professionals to implement testing non-destructive penetration in e-Commerce, e-Business, IT Security and other types of networks and systems.

This event was attended by over 400 guests from various fields and companies in Information Security.