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Technical IT Security Conference To Discuss Stuxnet Proliferation and SCADA Security

Stuxnet and SCADA security will be discussed at this year’s Hacker Halted USA, October 25-27 in Miami, Florida. The premier east coast information security conference is devoting an entire track to SCADA and Critical Infrastructure threats and will provide presentations from leading industry experts and a panel discussion on Stuxnet proliferation moderated by The Washington Times security reporter Shaun Waterman. More information can be found at

Miami, FL (PRWEB) October 03, 2011

Hacker Halted USA, the technical information security conference organized by EC-Council that will take place in Miami this Fall, created a focused forum that discusses on issues of SCADA and Critical Infrastructure security. The emergence of the Stuxnet worm in 2010 was a major turning point in the history of cyberwar. Stuxnet, the world’s most sophisticated cyber weapon to date (at least, that we know of), was designed for the expressed purpose of physically disabling an Iranian nuclear power plant – an event rarely seen on the world stage.

According to the W32.Stuxnet Dossier released by Symantec in February 2011, Stuxnet is a threat that was primarily written to target an industrial control system or set of similar systems. Industrial control systems are used in gas pipelines and power plants. Its final goal is to reprogram industrial control systems (ICS) by modifying code on programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to make them work in a manner the attacker in¬tended and to hide those changes from the operator of the equipment.

The Washington Times security reporter Shaun Waterman will be moderating a Hacker Halted panel discussion on October 26 entitled, “SCADA Hacking: The Proliferation of Weapons for the Next World War.” This panel, with experts Jonathan Pollet, Tiffany Rad, Matthew Luallen and others, will discuss the potential cyber war implications of the Stuxnet worm – specifically, how it is at risk of being reproduced by other national governments, organized crime, hacktivists and others. As Waterman notes, now that Stuxnet has got the attention of the global computer security community, ingenious hackers – some with no background at all in ICS/SCADA – have been able to devise effective attacks against SCADA systems. The panel discussion will seek to answer key questions about the open source availability of SCADA attacks, how industrial operators can protect themselves and what the government’s role should be in safeguarding US SCADA systems.

Due to the significance of the Stuxnet threat and more SCADA vulnerabilities being uncovered, this IT security conference is devoting an entire conference track to examining the latest security risks and flaws in SCADA, and the risk of proliferation of Stuxnet-like worms, from the industry’s top minds.

In addition to Shaun Waterman’s SCADA panel discussion, Hacker Halted USA will also showcase several cutting-edge presentations from key experts in the field such as:

New SCADA Attacks – APT, Night Dragon and Stuxnet – Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting & DIY SCADA Security – Learn How to Build Your Own SCADA Defense Solutions — by Jonathan Pollet.
SCADA and PLC Vulnerabilities In Correctional Facilities – by Tiffany Rad, Teague Newman and John Strauchs.
SCADA Dismissal Or Bang-Bang SCADA (A new tool will be revealed in the talk) – by Yaniv Miron..
Control System Cybersecurity Training Kit (Live Demonstration) – by Matthew E. Luallen.
SCADA Security – Why Is It So Hard – by Amol Sarwate.
New Cyber Warfare Targets – SCADA Systems – by Robert M. Lee

The full program and agenda of Hacker Halted USA 2011 can be found HERE.

Hacker Halted USA, EC-Council’s flagship information security conference and a leading East Coast venue for cybersecurity research announcements, takes place from October 21-27 at the InterContinental Miami. Hacker Halted provides four days of information security training, October 21-24, followed by a three-day conference, October 25-27, of keynotes, panel discussions, presentations and demos from the world’s foremost experts in cybersecurity – including Bruce Schneier, George Kurtz, Charlie Miller, Jeremiah Grossman, Barnaby Jack, Dino Dai Zovi, Moxie Marlinspike, Philippe Courtot, Jeff Bardin, and more.

For more information on Hacker Halted USA 2011, visit the website at

Leonard Chin
Conference Director
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Hacker Halted is EC-Council’s premier global information security conference series, dedicated to raising international awareness towards increased education and ethics in information security. Hacker Halted is a vendor neutral platform that provides CXOs and senior IT security professionals with the opportunity to assess best practices in acquiring, implementing, managing, and measuring information security. Hacker Halted provides EC-Council certification training, including the renowned Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) program (a recently accepted certification of DoD Directive 8570.01M Change 2). Since 2004, Hacker Halted has been held in Miami, Myrtle Beach, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Dubai, Mexico City, Cairo, Taipei, Guangzhou, and Tokyo. More information about Hacker Halted is available at

EC-Council and Overnet Provide Exclusive Series of CEH and CHFI Sessions at Italy’s Largest IT Conference

EC-Council and Overnet join forces to provide stunning insights and concepts of EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI) courses during the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference.

MILANO, January 13 2011: EC-Council, a leading global provider of IT Security certification training, recently teamed up with Overnet to provide exclusive high-level security and forensic training during the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Milan. The conference, which ran from November 23-25, is the largest information technology event in Italy.

The joint training effort is part of the EC-Council’s objective to share IT security training, education and cybercrime analysis with more industry professionals and corporate partners worldwide.

“2011 will be a challenging year for cybersecurity professionals worldwide,” said Sean Lim, EC-Council Vice President. “With the rise of cyber terrorism, EC-Council will continue to offer superior and up-to-the-minute information security training and support to its many partners, and their communities, around the world.”

At the WPC, the EC-Council and Overnet organized 15 exclusive Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI) hands-on sessions for conference attendees.  These sessions were conducted by Overnet’s Certified EC-Council Trainer, Massimiliano Luciani, who is also the 2010 winner of the Circle of Excellence Instructor award . Over 100 professionals participated in the WPC training.

“EC-Council sponsorship has been very important for Overnet,” said Anna Cometti, marketing manager of Overnet. “Providing a broad range of courses is essential for reaching more corporate clients and we were excited to provide the Ethical Hacker and Forensic Investigator courses. We had excellent feedback and we hope to receive even more entries for this training next year.”
Claire Kemp, EC-Council representative in Italy stated: “We were extremely delighted with the results at this year’s WPC and we look forward to creating more cybercrime awareness campaigns in the near future.”

New discoveries of XML vulnerabilities which may cause denial-of-service attacks and execution of malicious codes in infected PCs to be released at Hacker Halted USA 2009 conference in Miami, Florida

Codenomicon Ltd, a leading vendor of software security testing solutions and Silver Sponsor for Hacker Halted USA 2009, announced today that it has helped fix multiple critical flaws in popular XML libraries, including implementations from Sun Microsystems, Apache Software Foundation, and Python.

Codenomicon discovered the vulnerabilities in early 2009 as part of the development of a new product for XML testing. When XML libraries were subjected to tests, multiple vulnerabilities were quickly identified in parsing XML data. The vulnerabilities could be exploited by enticing a user to open a specifically crafted XML file, or by submitting malicious requests to web services that handle XML content. The impact of the discovered vulnerabilities varies from denial-of-service attacks to potential execution of malicious code on affected systems. After the vulnerabilities had been found, Codenomicon worked together with CERT-FI (Finnish National Computer Emergency Response Team) to coordinate the remediation of the found issues with the affected vendors. In addition to Sun, Apache, and Python, a few other projects are expected to announce their fixes at a later time.

“XML implementations are ubiquitous – they are found in systems and services where one would not expect to find them”, says Erka Koivunen, Head of CERT-FI. “For us it is crucial that end users and organizations who use the affected libraries upgrade to the new versions. This announcement is just the beginning of a long remediation process that ends only when the patches have been deployed to production systems”, Koivunen continues.

These discoveries, along with the launch of its new testing solution, DEFENSICS for XML, will be released at the upcoming Hacker Halted USA 2009 conference in Miami, Florida. Ari Takanen, Founder and CTO of Codenomicon Ltd, will be presenting at the conference.

EC-Council Represented in one of South Korea’s Largest Security Conference

EC-Council Korea was invited to participate at the Codegate Security Conference 2009, reputedly the biggest hacking and defense competition and international security conference in Korea. In attendance was 2,000 C- level executives and security professionals.


EC-Council presents at International Homeland Security Conference

March 19, 2009

EC-Council President and Co-Founder Mr. Jay Bavisi was invited to present at the International Exhibition and Conference on Homeland Security in Singapore held at the massive Singapore Expo complex where a 3-day Event showcasing the latest technological solutions in Homeland Security covering areas of Security Screening, Biometrics, Land, Air and Sea Security, Internet and Computer Security, Intelligence and Training Methods, CBRN Threats, Surveillance and Security Risk Management was hosted by Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs.