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Researcher demos threat of “transparent” smartphone botnets

In a presentation at TakeDownCon in Las Vegas today, security researcher Georgia Weidman demonstrated how malware on smartphones could be used to create smartphone “botnets” that could be used in the same way as PC botnets, providing hackers with a way to insert code between the operating system’s security layers and the cell network. In an interview with Ars Technica, Weidman said that the approaches used by Carrier IQ developers to create phone monitoring software could be adopted by hackers as well to create botnets that could silently steal users’ data, or send data without users’ knowledge. “From what I’ve seen in Carrier IQ, they just didn’t think about what they were going to do,” Weidman said. “But malware writers are going to take advantage of those techniques.

Worldwide Release of EC-Council Malware Repository – Frankenstein

EC-Council currently released the most advanced ethical hacking program in the world – CEHv7. This much anticipated version was designed by hackers and security researchers. This new version is a breakaway from earlier releases, with more emphasis on techniques and methodologies, which attackers may use to carry out possible attacks against system/networks. In addition to this makeover, CEHv7 includes a Monster Hacking Tool Repository, Codenamed Frankenstein

Frankenstein provides users with an ease for searching, downloading and installing the latest hacking and penetration testing training tools. By using Frankenstein Version 1.0, users can check the release date of the tool, category under which it is published, probable size of the tool, name of the publisher/author, the website details and technical requirements for the tool to run. This will help all the Certified Members to keep themselves updated of tools released in the wild.

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