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IT Security Breaches Reinforces the Need for Advanced Security Training

Training is a minuscule investment, compared to potentially massive financial loss and irreparable damage to a company’s reputation. For training to be effective, it’s going to have to train security personnel how to think like a malicious hacker, in order to stop them. CAST Summit has such advanced security training opportunities for information security professionals.

The list of recently compromised companies just keeps growing, with names like Sony, Lockheed Martin, RSA Security, Citigroup, IMF, the Senate, and most recently, SEGA with 1.3 million users potentially being affected. There seems no end of the storm in sight. As technology evolves, there will be more features and complexity, which may lead to more vulnerabilities being exposed for perpetrators to exploit. More than ever, advanced security training is essential for companies to protect their information assets, thus EC-Council launched the CAST Summit to help address this need. Read more…