CEH Testimonials

Proud to be a EC-Council's certified ethical hacker

 EC-Council's Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Testimonials

Truly an excellent course full of in depth knowledge and powerful suite of tools that a hacker may use and how a hacker’s mindset works. This course reveals how easy it is for a hacker to compromise applications, networks, servers without leaving a trace. This course helped me take preemptive measures against hackers simply by ‘thinking like a hacker’ and ensuring in my day to day activities that no matter what I am doing always is aware of a security. Having the CEH certification has given me and my customers the confidence that security is of my highest priorities when it comes to developing solutions. This course has given me extremely valuable knowledge that will stick with me for a long time to come. I highly recommend this course to any I.T. professionals who take their security seriously both as an individual and for their organization they work for.

Jason O’Keefe, CEH
Hewlett-Packard Company, Ireland

The Certified Ethical Hacker certification has enormously contributed to enhance my technical skills. I would say that EC – Council’s CEH is one of the best certification in the realm of Information Security.
As a trainer adding CEH to my profile enhances my proficiency, gives my students and clients a higher degree of confidence in my technical skills. I am sure that CEH will open a door to a new level of opportunity by increasing the confidence of my clients in my expertise, opening their eyes to the real world threats and identifying security loopholes in their IT infrastructure.

I would like to thank EC – Council as CEH has helped me gain an appreciation by my employer as being a valued certified security professional. I would also like to thank Mr. Haja Mohideen for all his support.

Rahim H.Kazani, CEH
Ernst & Young Global Limited

Having the CEH certification has helped open the door to a new level of opportunity by increasing the confidence of my clients in my expertise, opening their eyes to the real threat, and by Pen-testing our own products for vulnerabilities and provide a higher quality of service.

The knowledge I have gained from ethical hacking is to always be on the lookout for vulnerabilities in my clients' systems and prevent them.
In today’s world, Security is forever increasing and has also become a top priority and must be taken seriously.

I would recommend this course to anyone looking to get into penetration testing. Achieving my EC-Council certifications has certainly been one of the greatest highlights in my career.

Terry P Cutler CEH
Novell Canada

The CEH qualification has meant that I have been able to prove my  knowledge within the pen-testing arena to colleagues and external contacts. Coupling the EC-Council qualification with my ISC2 and Cisco certifications enables me to show a broad understanding of many of the key areas to which my job role is currently focused. I feel that this enhances the confidence and increases the "peace of mind" in those that receive my services.

Nicholas Charles Paul Humphrey, CEH
Ministry of Defense, UK

The EC-Council certification was instrumental to me and my employer  to realize the potential danger of hackers and their methods to gain access to networks and systems connected to. We were able to develop smart, ethical hacking and countermeasures, based on the CEH training I received. As of today," we were not successfully " hacked.

Dieter Heil, CEH
US ARMY in Germany

C|EH is an essential certificate for all security professionals now days. The material is more than excellent in illustrating the hacker’s mindset, tools and techniques they use to penetrate networks and systems. And for all the black hat hackers out there I can strongly and loudly say I am armed with the most and challenging certificate in the penetration testing industry.

Youssef Soliman El-Malty, CEH

EC-Council certification has helped in providing an in depth into the security vulnerabilities and how a hacker exploits them. With this knowledge I was able to assess the risk and create Enterprise wide policy to harden Operating System and applications.

Vasudeavn Viji Mohan, CEH
National Bank of Kuwait

EC-Council has further improved my technical skill. As a result, it has enabled me to provide more details / in-depth analysis to identify any security gaps in the IT infrastructure.

Chin Wen-Sing, CEH
Shell IT International

EC-Council opens a new breed of certifications, e-business combined with security. Being an EC-Council certified gave me more credibility to my students and clients. As a Trainer/IT Security Analyst/Systems Engineer, I became an angel to the IT industry of my country, securing vulnerable systems and protecting the Infrastructure. Several training centers offered me to teach CEH and CHFI when they saw me conducting workshops and heard about what EC-Council has to offer. As a person, being an ethical hacker helped me become more aware of attacks and vulnerabilities.

Richard Ryan R. Hernandez II, CEH
Jupiter Systems

The EC-Council certification was a big eye opener for me and my colleagues. Not only the potential danger of hackers, but also the knowledge that is needed to take our security to a higher level. With the knowledge I have gain, I can do my own vulnerability assessment and penetration test on the company’s network. With the information gain from the testing my colleagues will know what to do to bring the security to a higher level.

Patrick Lim, CEH
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol