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  EC-Council | Press Certificate Series

EC-Council | Press Certification Series

Life as an IT Security Expert today is demanding. You need to stay on top of current issues, skills, certifications, even your continuing Ed credits.  Do you have the skills necessary to be revered as an expert? The EC-Council Certificate Series is your best source for up to date Infosec Education in a shortened workshop format. With 26 programs ranging from Security Awareness to advanced Penetration Testing training and Computer Forensics, gain the skills you need today to excel!

2 Day comprehensive Security Workshops from EC-Council | Press
Focused Topics Areas | Academic Quality | World Class Infosec


Information Security
Workshop Series

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2 Day Information Security Workshop Series

The newest EC-Council Program is a true blend of Academic Excellence and World-renowned content. The perfect Blend of EC-Council Certification content and academic text and pedagogy, the EC-Council | Press Certificate Series is the most comprehensive Security Series available globally. Check out any of the 26 Titles available today to
see what best fits your needs!

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Who Should Attend the Information Security Workshop?

The Certificate Series courses are designed for professionals who need focused and solid understanding of specific Information Security Issues, trends, and techniques. This comprehensive set is designed for everyone from the Information Worker to the most seasoned IT Executive. Specific specializations apply to a broad range of professionals. For further details on which program is best for you, please see our complete list of security workshop .

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Why attend a Certificate Program?

  • Individual Specializations highly sought after by employers.
  • Develop quick concise solutions to problems
  • Keep current with regulatory requirements
  • Valuable reference materials
  • Highly focused content areas
  • Academically sound design in infosec
  • Keep up with CPE/ECE Continuing Education Requirements
  • Diversify your resume with attractive specializations
  • Earn a Certificate and stand out amongst your peers

What is the difference between
Certificate and a Certification?

  Attend security workshop and Attain a certificate from EC-Council

EC-Council | Press Certificate program is designed as a series of 2 day security workshops intended to deliver specific knowledge in small focused content areas. By attending a security workshop and successfully completing the “low-stakes” online examination process, individuals can attain a certificate from EC-Council indicating awareness to functional level competency.

EC-Council is the creator and owner of the Certified Ethical Hacker Certification along with CHFI, ECSA and many more. Certifications are much more in depth, require full testing procedures and are commonly accompanied by 5-day immersion training programs. Mastering an EC-Council Certification provides immense professional benefit to the certification holder and as such requires a commensurate amount of study and experience. Successfully passing an EC-Council Certification signifies a complete mastery of an entire program with EC-Council and requires much more in depth knowledge and ability than the EC-Council | Press Certificate Series.


What is the Cost?

EC-Council Programs are delivered through a complex network of partners all over the globe. Currently, the certificate series is only available in the United States. Recommended cost of the workshop series is $799 per program.


What is included?

Each Security workshop comes with a student copy of the respective EC-Council Press Book, an access card for your online examination (required for your certificate) and 2 days professional instruction with official EC-Council | Press content


Where do I find Training?

Training is offered through our network of training centers. EC-Council will help you find local training, click here, fill out your information and we will contact you directly. Alternatively, some partners allow EC-Council to share their schedules, view the scheduled courses here. Or search for an Authorized Training Center in your local area and ask them for a list of their upcoming EC-Council Security Workshop Courses.


Charge of a Training Program?

Click here to learn more about our various partnership opportunities. You can deliver this content as a training center or as a corporation to your internal staff!