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EC-Council offers its portfolio of e-Business certifications for professionals seeking specialized knowledge and advancement in career opportunities. As an individual or as an organization, the e-Business certification knowledge base helps you create the most appropriate e-Business solution to cater to the global economy.

The EC-Council certification program is established on a universal set of standards on which both strategic management and human resource departments can rely upon. The EC-Council certification, is based on definitions of job functions and skill sets in the three key areas: technical expertise, content resource management, and business process management. These definitions have been developed by a broad coalition of industry and academic experts, and the skill set definitions have been adopted by the U.S. Department of Labor.

e-Business related work is gaining recognition as a distinct profession, and it is being compensated accordingly. The recent Computerworld survey quoted Gartner Inc. analyst Linda Pittenger as stating "we're finding [that] strategic planning or any role that enhances resource utilization, such as IT alignment skills, are the ones getting paid more. These include IT architects and IT sourcing officers and people involved in project and portfolio management and process improvement roles."

Last year's salary survey showed e-commerce managers earning an average pay of $83,612. The average pay increase of an e-Commerce Manager has increased at 4.6% over the last year despite the recession and the demand for e-Commerce professionals is on the rise. A similar 2001 survey by the American Electronics Association showed that e-Business consultants may earn significantly more than their counterparts in other high-tech industries."

 CEP Certification

The CEP Certification is awarded by passing any one of the following exams:


Effective 1 January 2008, EC-Council will only be offering the Certified e-Business Professional (CEP) certification. The Certified e-Business Associate (CEA) and Certified e-Business Consultant (CEC) certifications will no longer be available. However, EC-Council will still honor and acknowledge professionals who have attained the CEA and CEC credentials.

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