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Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT)

EC-Council’s Licensed Penetration Tester certification (LPT)

EC-Council’s Licensed Penetration Tester (L|PT) certification is the credential to earn if you are involved in all aspects of penetration testing. The L|PT credential will set you apart from the rest and signify your capabilities in the field of information security penetration testing.

Licensed Penetration Testers are required to adhere to a strict Code of Conduct, and be aware of and follow the best practices in the penetration testing training domain. Companies can be assured that individuals who hold EC-Council’s Licensed Penetration Tester credential are of the highest ethics and hold high competency in the domain of penetration testing.

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L|PTs are trained to exhaustively analyze the security posture of networks and be able to recommend corrective and preventive measures as required.

The first few Licensed Penetration Testers speak:

The LPT has taken me to an entirely new level of technical & security skills. I am now able to provide more services to my employer. Our entire security stance has thus improved.

Peter Black
Senior Network Security Engineer
Southern Ute Shared Services


The LPT credential has allowed me to convince and gain confidence from my internal and external clients that I am trained and certified to carry out penetration testing independently. I am able to use hands-on penetration testing methodologies in my area of work because I am trained by experts and specialists from EC-Council.

Lawrence Lau
Assistant Info Tech Auditor

JTC Corporation


I chose to pursue the LPT credential because of EC-Council’s reputation and the popularity of their other certifications, including the Certified Ethical Hacker. Penetration testing is my profession and having the LPT helps distinguish me in my field and gives me a true sense of accomplishment. 

David Moured
Information Systems
Security Engineer
G2 Inc.

The L|PT credential allows me to present my findings to the client in an informative format. I am able to not only discover and test potential vulnerabilities in client networks, I am also able to clearly explain to the clients “why” and “how” a particular vulnerability can be used to breach the security of their network. In either case, my L|PT training allows me to give “value added” training and information to my clients to help them secure their networks over and above simply conducting testing operations. 

Larry Detar
IT Security Manager
Clifton Gunderson LLP


The L|PT credential is the culmination of the ethical hacking discipline and I wanted to learn more about it. Pen testing is an area of information security that combines the knowledge of many disciplines to add another layer of security to an organization. The certification benefited me because I just changed jobs and by having it on my resume and being able to explain what I can do for the the organization was important for my job offer.

George Yim
Cyber Security Analyst 
Government Contractor


The LPT path provides an invaluable curriculum for bringing both experienced veterans and those relatively new to the field up to speed. I chose to become a Licensed Penetration Tester to not only validate my experience and knowledge, but to earn a credential that stands above the rest. The vetting process EC-Council goes through with each applicant insures that each Licensed Penetration Tester has a clean criminal history. The LPT is a must have for any pen tester or Red Team analyst and adds value to anyone dealing with vulnerability management team.

Jeremy Martin
Contractor, ISYSTechnologies, Inc
Red Team Engineer


He LPT signifies that and ones understanding of today’s IT Security Environment. As am LPT my clients are assured that I uphold the utmost ethical standards and practices which allows the sensitive nature of their data to be protected in confidence during and after the engagement process. The LPT assures my clients that I understand and follow the most highly respected methodologies, standards and practices. 

Alex Clark
Senior Consultant
British Telecom - International Network Services


Comprehensive and ground breaking lessons that will impact the realignment strategy for vulnerability assessments training in the Pacific fleet Navy! Most experience driven course I have ever attended. Easily proved to me that there is only one way to conduct good and effective pen testing, LPT’s way! 

Dustin Fritz
Computer Network Defense Operations Manager
Navy Information Operations Command San Diego



The L|PT has taken me to an entirely new level of technical & security skills. I am now able to provide more services to my employer. Our entire security stance has thus improved. We no longer only say we're secure, we actually prove it through vulnerability assessments and penetration tests.

The L|PT credential also assists us with our external customers. We can come in to a company and perform structured, accurate assessments, then report on them in a manner in which each level of their organization can understand and act appropriately on.

The materials, methods and labs in the ECSA and LPT workshop pushed my knowledge and gave me an incredible learning experience. This experience led directly to the achievement of the L|PT and a much higher degree of security knowledge. The L|PT is definitely the pinnacle of security expertise.

Peter Black
Senior Network Security Engineer
Southern Ute Shared Services

Being "at risk" is being exposed to threats, while a large amount of confusion surrounding penetration testing stems, in fact it is a relatively latest and swiftly evolving field, furthermore, many organizations will have their own internal terminology "individual man's penetration test is another's vulnerability assessment or technical risk assessment", ECSA/LPT training will tie all parties as one and lend a hand to professionals to outcome what are the success targets with which organization can measure consequences against predetermined trends, for both external and internal attacks, really I would highly recommend LPT to individuals who aim to learn the proper /professional way to conduct a penetration test, as LPT will guide him/her from scratch..

Amro AlOlaqi
Senior Consultant
Consultancy - Saudi Arabia

I have worked in the information security arena, in a number of differing capacities for over 20 years. More specifically the past 10 years have been in direct support of computer emergency response team (CERT) activities to include; intrusion detection monitoring, security incident response, technical vulnerability assessments, and security training. I believe the culmination of my professional training and experience is best represented by the LPT credential. This industry leading certification is a key indicator in which all security professionals can be confident that those who achieve this certification possess a level of knowledge and expertise to lead the way in the penetration testing field.

The recent development of the LPT Licensure board and the utilization of the knowledge and experience of it's certified members is just the latest step in ensuring that the LPT will remain the industry standard for penetration testing professionals. I'm very proud and excited to be serving as a member of the inaugural LPT Licensure Board.

Jim Nicol

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