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With the fast growing technological awareness and requirement, cyber preparedness and measures have moved from being a luxury to a necessity. Cybersecurity adoption has become a fundamental step for every organization globally and is even more critical in India since we are deemed as the software capital of the world.

We at EC-Council, have worked with agencies and corporates across the world to make them 'cyber secure' and are working towards replicating this in India too. With the National Cyber Security Policy launched recently, cyber security has found the limelight it required.

We will work aggressively to ensure India has the skilled professionals it requires as a priority and will train the existing professionals to avoid knowledge stagnation.

Look forward to working closely with all of you to achieve our goals!

Thank you,
Jay Bavisi,
President, EC-Council

Latest Events
Code Uncode
Code Uncode, India's first secure programming contest closed its preliminary round on July 31st with an overwhelming response from both students as well as professionals with around 15000 participants from across India. With leading universities, colleges and corporates showing keen interest in this initiative and with organizations like Nasscom, DSCI and ITsAP supporting it Code Uncode has witnessed tremendous success. The Semi-Final round is now set to take off in another 2 weeks.

Sri Lanka Cyber Security Summit

As cyber security threats touch newer heights and corporates and government bodies struggle to safeguard their data and revenues worth millions, CICRA Consultancies Ltd. - Sri Lanka's premier cyber security education provider – and the Daily FT came together with EC-Council and hosted the
'EC-Council Cyber Security Summit 2013'.

Delhi Round Table

Recent study shows that, 5.39 million local malware threats were detected on computers in India. Addressing the issues of cybersecurity and the 'vaccine' to eradicate the 'cyber plague' , EC-Council discussed strategies to meet global competition at a Roundtable on cyber security held in New Delhi.

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Tip Of The Month
Configure all wireless clients used to access private networks or handle organization data in such a way that they cannot be used to connect to public wireless networks or any other networks beyond those specifically allowed by the organization.

New Initiatives - 2013
EC-Council addresses the Need for Skilled Professionals in India, To Train 40,000 Personnel in Cyber Warfare by Early 2014

At a Roundtable on cyber security held in New Delhi,
EC-Council discussed strategies to meet global competition. EC-Council emphasized that to elucidate the information security industry's successes, failures, and future out of the box solutions it is essential that the cyber security industry implement, the model of the pharmaceutical industry in their fight against diseases.

EC-Council introduced the terms cyber vaccination and cyber plaque to draw out the comparison between the cyber industry and the pharma industry.


EC-Council Cyber Security Summit, 2013 held in Sri Lanka
Understanding the importance of cyber security for governments and organisations in Sri Lanka, the Daily FT in collaboration with CICRA Consultancies, under the aegis of EC-Council, hosted the Cyber Security Summit 2013, a series of events that drew attention to this growing menace and through a line-up of international and local experts on the topic, shared insights into how it can be combated at all levels.

The event saw big-wigs of the Banking industry and the country's top CEO's participating. The main issue at discussion was cyber security vulnerabilities and the cyber security preparedness of the countries. Mr. Jay Bavisi, gave in a few suggestions to tackle the growing menace of cyber threats and cyber attacks.

President, EC-Council and Founder of Code Uncode India Honored at the U.S National Security Agency Colloquium 2013 awards with the 2013 Industry Leadership Award
Top officials and thought leaders in Academia, Government and Industry Honor Jay Bavisi, Global President, EC-Council for outstanding leadership in the Cyber Security Industry and Information Assurance Education.

Partner Highlight

"WOW is the only feeling that comes to my mind after completing the CHFI training. Netconclave made the whole training program so simple, pragmatic and wieldy for the entire team that it demands an appreciation.

Relating topics with examples, case-studies and real-life references made the whole program extremely admirable and exemplary". - CPA GLOBAL 

Words of Wisdom by a Thought Leader

Bank online with confidence with updated ISTR

Symantec focuses on the aspect of online banking and how we can secure ourselves from falling prey to cyber attacks and losing not only our money, information but also our identity

By Anand Naik, Managing Director-Sales, Symantec-India & SAARC



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