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EC-Council university offers graduate, masters certification degrees in Information Security Science

  Get Certified in Master of Security Science (MSS) Program Offered at EC-Council University

EC-Council University is the academic wing of
EC-Council, which offers the Master of Security Science Degree and five graduate certificates-Information Security Professional, IT Analyst, Digital Forensics, Disaster Recovery and Executive Leadership in Information Assurance.


 EC-Council Academia comprehensive learning program

  EC-Council Academia Program for Colleges and Universities

It is a comprehensive learning program.
The EC-Council Academia solution provides college textbooks (EC-Council Press), online courses, assessment exams,  CBT videos and lab activities via iPrep, iVideo, iExam, iLearn and iLabs platform. It also prepares candidates for industry leading EC-Council certifications exams such as CEH, CHFI, ECSA/LPT.

EC-Council Endorsement

  Get Information about EC-Council Product Endorsement Program

The EC-Council Elite Vendor Program (EVP) is meant to recognize information security products and services that meet the high standards that EC-Council embodies.

All applications are subject to approval and subject to such applications meeting the guidelines and restrictions set out in this document.




EC-Council Press division caters to academic and book publishing industry

  EC-Council Press- Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures Series, Network Defense & Penetration Testing Series

EC-Council Press division caters to academic and book publishing industry. You will find the latest and current titles on subjects ranging from Ethical hacking, Penetration Testing, Computer Forensics, Network Security, WiFi Technologies, Virtualization etc.

If you are an author and would like to write for us then please contact us at

EC-Council Certification Labs

  Get Information about EC-Council Product Security Certification Labs

Product Certification Testing is conducted by EC-Council Certification Lab engineers or external analysts and experts certified by EC-Council.
The tests are based on proven EC-Council Certification Labs methodology and testing frame work.
The frame work process begins with a complete analysis of the product for which certification is sought.
Your product will gain credibility when your customers know that you have gone through an industry accepted testing procedure.


EC-Council consulting

  Get Information About EC-Council Global Services

EC-Council Global Services is a division of EC-Council, creators of the Certified Ethical Hacker. The CEH Methodology proves with a systematic approach and mindset to Information Security, Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests have a higher likelihood of Success.

Hacker Halted Conference

  Hacker Halted USA 2012

Hacker Halted is the preeminent Information Security Training Event and Conference for CEH’s and others in the InfoSec industry who are looking to increase their knowledge and know-how. For over 5 years, stellar speaking lineups have provided practical and timely knowledge, in a rich and thoughtful environment. Hacker Halted is pleased to provide attendees with insight into not only today’s landscape, but also into the future of the InfoSec industry.


 Takedowncon Conference

  Meet the subject matter expert at Takedowncon's Information Security conference

What makes a good Information Security conference? Information security covers a very wide domain, and many conferences try to incorporate too many topics within a space of a couple of days. The benefit of a thematic and topical conference is to deliver concise information and incorporate discussions revolving around a specific subject matter that can relate to its target audience.


  Participate in EC-Council's Global Cyberlympics is an international cybersecurity competition

Global Cyberlympics is an international cybersecurity competition. Global CyberLympics aspires to create an opportunity for ethical hacking to be accepted, practiced and demonstrated without any discrimination, across all geographical boundaries – for the purpose of understanding what it takes to protect and secure critical information and assets.


Accredited Training Center

  EC-Council Accredited Training Center - (ATC)

Accredited Training Centers are professional instructors, training organizations, or businesses. They deliver top-notch professional training on e-Business subjects. Please take a few moments to read through the benefits and requirements of the programs that interest you. Once you have decided to apply to become an ATC, please take the time to completely fill out the ATC application. The Partner Programs team will then review the application and follow up with you if more detail is needed.

Become an instructor and start delivering teaching EC-Council programs

Certified EC-Council Instructor

  Become Certified EC-Council Instructor (CEI)

The Certified EC-Council Instructor (CEI) program is designed for individuals who want to become certified to deliver EC-Council’s suite of professional certification programs. The CEI program provides resources for individuals to become industry-recognized trainers specializing in the field of information security.


ASPEN Portal

  EC-Council's ASPEN Portal

Aspen is a one-step gateway to multiple portals, products and services provided by EC-Council for its registered members. It is an integrated environment and a user friendly portal, where a user can navigate to various web pages through a single login. Aspen registered users can place orders for various products and courseware at their convenience with just a few mouse clicks. Aspen not only acts as a transit to EC-Council's services, but also as a social communication medium between its users. Aspen is an innovative concept that offers an easy access to a wide variety of EC-Council's contributions to the Computer security arena under one platform.

Continuing Education Partner

  Become EC-Council's Continuing Education Partner

EC-Council Continuing Education Partners are now able to run EC-Councils newest course line up, the EC-Council Certificate Series. Following our academic division of content with the EC-Council Press Project, EC-Council is proud to announce over 20 certificate programs in the form of 2 day security workshops have been released. These are great as refresher courses, continuing education courses, and even focused education courses for specific content areas of our world-renowned certification programs.

 Elite Vendor

  EC-Council Elite Vendor 2012

The EC-Council Elite Vendor Program (EVP) is meant to recognize information security products and services that meet the high standards that EC-Council embodies.
The EC-Council Elite Vendor will be granted a limited license to use a custom-designed logo for use in advertising the product or service, indicating that they are recognized as an “EC-Council Elite Vendor”. Usage of this logo is subject to guidelines and restrictions contained in the Logo Policy Guide

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