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Test your product with EC-Council Certification Labs

EC-Council Labs consider security as the key point while testing the products. It ensures that every product passed through the EC-Council Labs has followed its determined measures and is designed using international standards of security

Certifying a product through EC-Council Labs adds the following values to the product:


  • Becomes more credible
  • Provides international testing procedures
  • Product is tested on the grounds of security, performance level, and environment
  • Is widely accepted


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After the product is tested and test data is sent for analysis, the EC-Council Labs certified experts and Lab engineers conduct a deep study of the test generated output.
In this study, it is analyzed whether the product will be able to handle the future threats and depending on the outputs, EC-Council Labs will release the seal to the vendor.
If the product attains the pass certificate, the vendors have all the rights to use the Seal logo with the product until the certification is valid.
The Seal of the certified product is valid for 2 years. Within this time period, the vendor can use the Seal with the product.
The Seal says “The product has been tested, approved, and certified by EC-Council Certification Labs”
If the product fails in the conducted tests, a detailed report on the reason for failure will be given to the vendor to rectify the problem. On fixing the problem, the vendor can resubmit the product as per the terms and conditions of the testing process.