EC-Council Certification Labs Testing

EC-Council Labs Certification verifies the security level in Hardware and Software products. These products include the one which are being used in various organizations to protect inter network’s security and software’s used to protect the system security.
EC-Council Labs test the products and software to assure they are developed using a pre-defined set of  international standards and the desired output is achieved by testing them in real environment.
This helps in assuring that the tested products are developed using all desired standards and ensure that the product follows the required security measures.
EC-Council Labs consider security as the key point while testing the products. It ensures that every product passed through the EC-Council Labs has followed its determined measures and is designed using international standards of security. Any developed security product can be submitted to EC-Council Labs to be tested under critical circumstances. The developed products are tested to their maximum tolerance limit to ensure that the product is designed so as to meet the organizational needs.
Products are tested using various methodologies and frameworks designed by the EC-Council | Labs. The testing methodologies used are the proven standards and measures in real work environment. These standards help an organization to develop a product considering the maximum security level. These also help to determine whether the product is secure and will deliver the desired output following all the security measures.
The main objective is to improve the network and system security by using the products certified by EC-Council | Labs. This will enhance the commercial security and increase the usage of products and services.

EC-Council Labs will certify the following categories:

  • Hardware Products
  • Network security devices
  • Computer systems
  • Generic products
  • Software Products
  • Generic application software
  • Network security software


  • Improves security of the product
  • Measures the level of security handled by the product in real environment
  • Tests whether the product can handle actual threats.
  • Ensures that the tested product will minimize the security risk involved
  • The conducted tests assures that the product is designed to hold and minimize the security risk
  • The defined frameworks are evolved by proven test methods
  • The test methodologies and framework are updated regularly to meet the recent evolved threats

The product is tested using the methodologies and framework defined by EC Council Labs. The tests are conducted by EC Council Lab engineers and experts certified by EC Council.
EC-Council Labs Certification assures that using the tested product will minimize the security risk involved and maximizes the security level at an organization or for an individual. This certification will help in improving the security measures taken while developing the hardware or software product.
EC-Council Labs Certification guaranties that by using the certified product; the risk involved in security aspects will be reduced to the maximum extent. EC-Council Lab assumes that the vendors developing the products will follow the international standards while developing the product. The main aim of the EC-Council Labs is to certify the products following the standards and is capable of reducing the security risk involved.
EC-Council Labs follows a set of measures and framework designed to test a particular product. Any product will be certified based on the tests conducted by EC-Council Labs by using different types of threats defined in the framework. These pre-defined frameworks are set up by proven test methods. These methodologies are always maintained with up to date information and are always studied so that they can suggest measures for the latest threats. The framework measures are set up keeping in mind the organizational needs and the measuring level of the security risk involved.
The certification will be provided if the product passes through all the test criteria’s.
EC-Council lab engineers conduct the products certification at EC-Council Labs / External analysts and Experts certified by EC-Council to ensure that the product totally follows all set standards and measures.
This certification will ensure increase in the security level of the product.