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EC-Council Press division caters to academic and book publishing industry. You will find the latest and current titles on subjects ranging from Ethical hacking, Penetration Testing, Computer Forensics, Network Security, WiFi Technologies, Virtualization etc.  
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The EC-Council | Press is an academic outreach project, started by EC-Council in 2009 in partnership with Cengage Learning. EC-Council and the various teams at Cengage have worked diligently to convert the Leading Global Certifications and Content from EC-Council into Academic content with all associated pedagogical features of traditional Academic Text Books. The EC-Council Press Titles are designed with Academic support for Professors including question banks for quizzes and classroom delivery, instruction files, Lab Guides and Resources. Templates for course development and accreditation options are available through Cengage Services. Authorized Training Centers for EC-Council are not permitted to use the EC-Council | Press for Official Certification Preparation courses.

The EC-Council Press is designed to cover learning objectives of the EC-Council certification exam in an academic setting. Each Domain is categorized as a “Series”, the series are then broken down into individual titles. See below for a list of topics as well as links to purchase physical and e-books. Additional formats available are eChapters available for purchase and rental through Cengage Brain.

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Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures
Network Defense
Computer Forensics
Penetration Testing
Security Fundamentals
Disaster Recovery


Ethical Hacking and
Countermeasures Series

The EC-Council | Press Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures Series is comprised of five books covering a broad base of topics in offensive network security, ethical hacking, and network defense and countermeasures. The content of this series is designed to immerse the reader into an interactive environment where they will be shown how to scan, test, hack and secure information systems. With the full series of books, the reader will gain in-depth knowledge and practical experience with essential security systems. The EC-Council Press is designed to cover learning objectives of the EC-Council certification exam in an academic setting. This certification covers a plethora of offensive security topics ranging from how perimeter defenses work, to scanning and attacking simulated networks. A wide variety of tools, viruses, and malware is presented in this and the other four books, providing a complete understanding of the tactics and tools used by hackers. By gaining a thorough understanding of how hackers operate, an Ethical Hacker will be able to set up strong countermeasures and defensive systems to protect an organization's critical infrastructure and information.

  Ethical Hacking & Countermeasures Attack Phases    Courseware - Linux, Macintosh and Mobile Systems in Ethical Hacking & Countermeasures   
  Purchase EC-Council Certificate Series on Secure Network Infrastructures    Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures - Threats and Defense Mechanisms   
  Courseware - Ethical Hacking & Countermeasures Web Applications & Data Servers       

Defense Series

The Network Defense Series from EC-Council | Press is comprised of 5 books designed to educate learners from a vendor-neutral standpoint how to defend the networks they manage. This series covers the fundamental skills in evaluating internal and external threats to network security and design, how to enforce network level security policies, and how to ultimately protect an organization's information. The books in the series cover a broad range of topics from secure network fundamentals, protocols & analysis, standards and policy, hardening infrastructure, to configuring IPS, IDS, firewalls, bastion host and honeypots. Learners completing this series will have a full understanding of defensive measures taken to secure their organization's information. The EC-Council Press is designed to cover learning objectives of the EC-Council certification exam in an academic setting. An organization is only as strong as its weakest link. The same is true in network security. Mis-configurations, outdated software and technical glitches are often the easiest point of entry for a hacker. This book, the third in the series, is designed to teach the potential security practitioner how to harden the network infrastructure, evaluate hardware and software configurations and introduce log analysis, creating a strong foundation for Network Security Troubleshooting, response, and repair.

  Courseware - Perimeter Defense Mechanisms From Network Defense Series    Network Defense - Securing and Troubleshooting Network Operating Systems   
  Courseware - Network Defense Security Policy and Threats    Courseware - Network Defense Fundamentals & Protocols   
  Courseware - Network Defense Security and Vulnerability Assessment       


Forensic Series

The Computer Forensic Series by EC-Council provides the knowledge and skills to identify, track, and prosecute the cyber-criminal. The series is comprised of five books covering a broad base of topics in Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation, designed to expose the reader to the process of detecting attacks and collecting evidence in a forensically sound manner with the intent to report crime and prevent future attacks. Learners are introduced to advanced techniques in computer investigation and analysis with interest in generating potential legal evidence. In full, this and the other four books provide preparation to identify evidence in computer related crime and abuse cases as well as track the intrusive hacker's path through a client system. The series and accompanying labs help prepare the security student or professional to profile an intruder's footprint and gather all necessary information and evidence to support prosecution in a court of law. Network Intrusions and Cyber crime includes a discussion of tools used in investigations as well as information on investigating network traffic, web attacks, DOS attacks, Corporate Espionage and much more!

  Learn About Investigating Hard Disks, Files & Operating Systems from EC-Council's CFS Courseware    Learn about investigating data and image files From EC-Council's Computer Forensics Courseware   
  Learn about investigating Network Intrusions & Cyber Crime From EC-Council's Computer Forensics Courseware    Learn about Wireless Networks and Devices EC-Council's CFS Courseware   
  Computer Forensics - Investigation Procedures and Response       


Testing Series

The Security Analyst Series from EC-Council | Press is comprised of five books covering a broad base of topics in advanced penetration testing and information security analysis. The content of this series is designed to expose the reader to groundbreaking methodologies in conducting thorough information security analysis, as well as advanced penetration testing techniques. Armed with the knowledge from the Security Analyst series, along with proper experience, readers will be able to perform the intensive assessments required to effectively identify and mitigate risks to the security of the organization's infrastructure. The EC-Council Press is designed to cover learning objectives of the EC-Council certification exam in an academic setting. Penetration Testing: Network and Perimeter Testing coverage includes firewall and ids penetration testing training as well as penetration testing of laptops, PDA's, cellphones, e-mail, and security patches.

  Courseware - Penetration Testing Security Analysis    Courseware - Communication Media Testing   
  Learn About Network & Perimeter Testing EC-Council's Penetration Testing Courseware    Courseware - Network Threat Testing in Penetration Testing   
  Penetration Testing - Procedures & Methodologies       


Fundamentals Series

Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety, part of the EC-Council | Press series, is designed for anyone interested in learning computer security and networking basics. Beginning with an overview of cyber crime and security, Cyber Safety explains basic security procedures and challenges that arise in the workplace, and includes discussions of the various security threats and attacks to which today's computer users are vulnerable. The reader will also learn how to address incident response and how to restrict site access, identify secure websites and establish security for a wireless network access point. Working safely on the Internet is a focus of the book, including topics such as transacting business, communicating via instant messaging, and using portable, wireless USB devices, as well as using media files and third-party software. Cyber Safety provides readers with a solid base of knowledge to work towards Security|5 Certification or simply to better protect themselves and their information.

  EC-Council's Cyber Safety Book helps individual to excel in Security 5 Certification   

Wireless Safety

Intended for anyone from the mobile user to a student or professional working in a wireless environment, Wireless Safety serves to expose the reader to diverse technologies while mapping them to real world applications. It provides an overview of WAP (wireless application protocol) and how developers view these enabling technologies, and gives a peek into future trends. Topics include wireless signal propagation, IEEE and ETSI Wireless Standards, WLANs and Operation, Wireless Protocols and Communication Languages, Wireless Devices, and Wireless Security. Wireless Safety requires no pre-requisite knowledge and aims to educate in simple applications of these technologies. Wireless Safety breaks the myths of wireless computing and reveals the security aspects of wireless and what can be done to secure access, while preparing readers for success on the Wireless|5 certification from EC-Council. For those already in the field, this certification provides the knowledge to excel in the workplace and provides a path for career advancement. For those in the classroom, this book lays a strong foundation to explore technology further.

  Wireless Safety   

Network Safety

Network Safety is a diverse introductory networking book intended for anyone from the average home computer user to an office professional to someone looking to develop a career in information security. This book covers topics such as optimizing resource utilization, sharing infrastructure and making the best of technology. Those looking to learn about an economical balance for networked resources, make the most of the internet and add convenience using technology will benefit from this book. Whether a reader wants to learn about secure banking online, safely accessing work through the internet, or using a computer system at home, Network Safety will keep you up-to-date in this networked world.

  Wireless Safety