Dept of Defense Directive (DoD) 8570

Department of Defense Formally Approves EC-Council’s CEH Certification to help defend US Interests


US DOD Directive 8570 &  CEH

Department of Defense Formally Approves EC-Council’s CEH Certification
to help defend US Interests.


The United States of America Department of Defense issued Directive 8570 in 2004 to mandate baseline certifications for all Information Assurance “IA” positions.  In February of 2010, this directive was enhanced to include the Certified Ethical Hacker across the Computer Network Defense Categories “CND”.


what is 8570?

As stated by DIAP: DOD Directive 8570.01M Change 2 provides the basis for an enterprise-wide solution to train, certify, and manage the DoD Information Assurance (IA) workforce.

How is the Directive Structured?

8570 classifies personnel in the following Main Categories:

  • Technician
  • Manager
  • Computer Network Defender Service Provider
  • System Architect and Engine


Furthermore, categories are subdivided into individual job roles relating to specific functional requirements. The certified ethical hacker covers 4 out of 5 positions in the Computer Network Defense Category.

CEH is a part of:

  • CND Analyst
  • CND Infrastructure Support
  • CND Incident Responder
  • CND Auditor


Full 8570 Certification Chart

DoD Approved Baseline Certifications


who is affected by DOD Directive 8570?

All individuals with privileged access to DOD Systems, military personnel, civilian contractors, and foreign employees alike.

CEH the best Certification for CND-SP 8570

The Certified Ethical Hacker Program was designed and developed at a time when the Global IT Industry were led to believe that IT Security consisted of purchasing expensive vendor equipment.
EC-Council literally changed the industry’s vernacular when they developed the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) course. The innovative CEH course was the first of its kind; bringing “hacking” technologies “Into the light of day.”
Flash forward 5 years and over 70,608 certified members later, EC-Council is currently the industries only accepted standard for the Certified Ethical Hacker.


Why you should attend  EC-Council Training


  • EC-Council’s courses are delivered with a strong emphasis of hands on techniques that will enable you to apply what you have learnt as soon as you complete your class.
  • EC-Council’s courseware’s are developed by subject matter experts from all over the world and are constantly updated to ensure that you are exposed to the latest advances in the space.
  • EC-Council’s courses shall immerse you with hundreds of tools that are used in the underground to compromise even the most secure systems. This is a unique feature shall be a very hard act to be followed by anyone else in the industry.
  • EC-Council is the worlds first institution to define and invent a certification on Ethical Hacking !
  • EC-Council’s courses feature some of the best names in the infosec world. The EC-Council Master trainers are all practitioners and experts in their field.
  • EC-Council’s courses are extremely advanced and can be delivered in a number of formats including, Live, Online, Instructor Led, Custom Classes, Blended Learning and much more.
  • EC-Council’s courses have attained the world renowned CNSS 4011 – 4016Certification from the US National Security Council.
  • EC-Council’s Information Security Courses are tailored for a global information security professional audience in a vendor neutral environment. With over 30,000 security professionals who have already proven their skills and knowledge to meet our challenging standards, C|EH is unique in the field of information security certifications because it not only tests a candidate's knowledge but also the candidate's ability to apply that acquired knowledge into practice to secure real assets.

Benefits of CEH Certification

Certified Ethical Hacker is the globally recognized standard for ethical hacking certifications. Certified Ethical Hacker offers the most comprehensive “Hacking tool kit” consisting of exploits, viruses and trial versions of the industry’s most widely accepted anti-hacking tools for an encyclopedic study of the cumulative world of hacking technologies since CEH’s inception in 2004.

CEH is “Part one” of the two part requirement on the way to becoming a Licensed Penetration Tester; a designation sought after by IT Security professionals who wish to show the industry that they have the skills necessary to conduct a professional vulnerability assessment (Penetration Test).


CEH  Exam


CEH is a controlled exam, you must have a voucher code along with an Authorization code to take the test. Testing is 100% computer based, delivered through both VUE testing centers and Prometric testing centers. For added flexibility in testing, Prometric offers web based proctored testing from any location in the world with a reliable Internet(see below)

Preparing for the Exam

While training is not required to challenge the CEH exam, it is recommended. CEH training is available in a variety of formats. EC-Council has over 500 training partners in 92+ countries ensuring traditional instructor led training is available. Other training formats such as Distributed Live Online Learning, Mobile Learning Solutions loaded on iPods, Net books, Self Paced Online Training, as well as Resources such as the Official review Guide are all available through EC-Council’s iClass division.


Training Options:

  • Authorized Training Centers
  • Online Live Learning
  • Online Self-paced Learning
  • Distributed Mobile Learning (iPods/Net books)
  • Learning Resources
  • Academic Programs (For Credit Programs only)
  • Customized Blended Training Solutions through your POC

Authorized Government Delivery Center


In most cases, training will be necessary to successfully challenge and pass the CEH Examination. Government Units/Divisions with in-house training departments, through EC-Council’s Authorized Government Delivery Center program are able to deliver an Authorized EC-Council Program with Official Training Materials, Official Courseware, as well as Examinations administered at the end of class by a local assigned proctor. Programs are in place currently with various organizations such as the AFIOC, See AFIOC Press Release for details.

If you are interested in applying to become an EC-Council AGDC, please write to or contact your POC.

Authorized Training Center

If you are a commercial entity providing training to commercial and/or Government clients and are interested in becoming an Authorized Training Center, ATC, please click here.

For all additional enquiries relating to US Department of Defense Directive 8570, and.or EC-Council’s examination and training services, please write to or your POC.


EC-Council offers a variety of programs and options for purchasing courseware, exams, training, as well as training supplements. We accept all major forms of payment as well as Government PO’s. For added flexibility in purchasing, EC-Council offers training vouchers with volume discount options as well. Please write to for a copy of our 2010 Price Schedule.

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Directive 8570 Resources

Directive 8570 Resources

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