Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on EC-Council's Security training

1What is EC-Council?

EC-Council is global leader in providing the certification and training programs in Information Security and E-Business

The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) is a member supported professional organization. The purpose of the EC-Council is to support and enhance the role of individuals and organizations who design, create, manage or market Security and E-Business solutions. We support our members by providing Electronic Commerce Consultant certification as well as educational, technical, placement, member advantage, and discounted services. We enhance our membership by providing a community where discussion and information exchange can operate freely in the context of mutual trust and benefit.

2What Certification does EC-Council offer?

EC-Council offers various E-Business and Security certifications. Please visit

3Does EC-Council offer training?

Not directly. EC-Council has education alliance members worldwide that offer training, often at substantial discounts to EC-Council members. EC-Council is working with education and training organizations worldwide to help insure that quality, affordable education is available. For information about our education alliance members please visit education section.

4What is the EC-Council certification all about?

EC-Council offers the popular Certified ethical hacker (CEH) and Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) certifications

5Where can I go to get certified?

Numerous educational institutions and training companies will be providing the EC-Council program. Please contact your nearest regional representative for a list of educational institutions in your area who are EC-Council ATCs.

6Is EC-Council's certification vendor neutral?

We work hard to insure that the EC-Council certification standards cover appropriate industry standards while remaining as vendor neutral as possible. Naturally some content is technology or vendor specific, but as a rule, only widely adopted technologies and standards are covered.

7Does EC-Council support vendor specific certification?


8Does EC-Council support self-study?

Yes. Please visit the education section.

9Where do I take the exams?

All EC-Council exams are available at the ECC Exam Center, Please open a ticket here if you would like to schedule your exam.

10How are your exams developed?

The EC-Council certification exams have been developed with the highest professional standards. The principles and processes employed by EC-Council conform to the Standards for Education and Psychological Testing. The EC-Council approach has been audited and validated by a psychometricians specializing in professional certification methodology. And all the questions on the certification exams have been reviewed and approved by a group of subject experts on behalf of EC-Council.

11What is the job role of a CEH?

The job role varies. Please check the job roles section.

12How do I start a local EC-Council chapter and what are the benefits?

Please write to us if you are interested in opening EC-Council chapter in your country.

13How can my company become an EC-Council Accredited Training Center?

Please visit ATP section.

14What is an EC-Council ATC?

EC-Council ATC is your link to EC-Council's training and education partners who will be offering the CEH, CHFI and other certification training and testing.

15What is your information privacy policy?

EC-Council does not sell or otherwise provide member information to any outside party.

16When do I receive my membership welcome kit?

You will receive your certificate along with your Welcome letter within 4-8 weeks from the date of your exam and if you do not receive your certificate within the stipulated period, kindly contact

17How long does earning certification take?

How long it takes is largely up to you. If you choose a route that includes five-day class followed by an exam, then you’ll finish in less than a week. But to do this, you’ll either have to have a depth of knowledge in the relevant security technologies already or select a certification that’s very narrowly focused. The bottom line is that earning certification can take a week, or it can span several months. It’s basically up to you.


CEH Frequently Asked Questions

CEH Frequently Asked Questions

1 Should I attend training to appear for the CEH exam?

EC-Council recommends that CEH aspirants attend formal classroom training at any of the accredited training centers to reap maximum benefit of the course and have a greater chance at clearing the examinations. You are also required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) when you enroll for the class.

You can read more about the eligibility criteria at here

2 What are the pre-requisites for taking a CEH exam?

If you attend CEH training, you are eligible to appear for the CEH examination. If you opt for self study, you must complete the eligibility criteria.

3 Is there any eligibility criteria?

Yes, there is eligibility criteria. The detailed eligibility process can be found here.

4 Why do I have to get approval from EC-Council to appear for the exam without the training?

EC-Council presents the body of knowledge through CEH to educate and assist information security professionals in hacking tools and techniques for legally accepted security testing purposes. It is the social responsibility of EC-Council to ensure that this knowledge is imparted to people with the right intent and obtain assurance that this body of knowledge will not be misused.

5 Where do I purchase the prepaid examination vouchers?

You can purchase the vouchers directly from EC-Council through its website at Please ensure you have check the eligibility criteria listed at here.

6 I have just completed the training. Can I defer taking a test to a later date?

Yes, you can. Ensure that you obtain a certificate of attendance upon completion of the training. You may contact the ATC at a later date and schedule the exam.

7 I have just completed the training. Can I take the test at a different location?

Yes, you can. You can take the exam at any ATC offering the CEH program by presenting your certificate of attendance. This will be verified against our records and your exam can be scheduled.

8 Do I have to recertify my EC-Council certifications in order to maintain the validity of the certifications?

You will need to update your EC-Council Continuing Education Credits (ECE) at the EC-Council Aspen Delta Portal to maintain the same version of your certification. If you require any assistance on this, please contact

9 How many times can I appear for the examination in case I do not pass in the first attempt?

Please check our Exam Retake Policy.

10 Can I take the exam at VUE testing centers?

Yes. CEH exam is available at VUE testing center. Please visit

You can also choose to take the exam at the ECC exam centre. You need to contact your ATC or EC-Council for more information.

11 When will I get my certificate once I pass the certification examination?

Your digital certificate will be available to download between 7-10 days from date of certification at you Aspen account,

You will receive your certificate along with your Welcome letter within 4-8 weeks from the date of your exam and if you do not receive your certificate within the stipulated period, kindly contact

12 What is the duration of the exam?

The examination duration is 4 hours.

13 I am doing a self study, how do I know I am ready to take the exam? Are there any practice tests?

Yes, you can take our pre-assessment tests to better understand the exam format. This is located at

14 What kind of questions can I expect in the exam? Do you have any exam pointers?

The examination tests you on security related concepts, hacking techniques and technology. It follows the exam blueprint that can be found at

15 Can I review my answers during the examination?

You can review your answers before you end the test.

16 I have completed my CEH certification. What is the next step?

You should consider our ECSA/ LPT training and certification, you can check on the career path at

17 I have more questions.

Thank you. Contact Us at