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Data Theft Statistics


  • 91.1 % of IT security professionals stated that they perceived cyber crime as a major business risk
  • 95% of IT security professionals in the financial sector perceived cyber crime as a major business risk
  • 73% of CIO/CSO’s stated they there were concerned about data theft than hacking.
  • 68% of CIO/CSOs stated that critical data was at risk
  • 25% of CIO/CSOs stated that there had been a breach of their data
  • 42% did not know if there has been a breach

Those who have had their data stolen deliberately, e.g by theft from an employee with access to the data, are 12 times more likely to be victims of fraud than those who have their data lost by accident (e.g missing laptop) Source

More than 244 million pieces of data have been lost or stolen (at the time of writing) according to Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

According to the Identify Theft Centre there have been 449 incidents of data breaches so far this year (in the US). This is more than the whole of last year.

In over 40% of the incidents of data breaches/data theft the number of records lost/exposes is not reported or fully disclosed. I.e all the figures are a lot higher. Source (ITC) ITC 2008 Report

The categorization of breaches by industry was

  • 37% for Business
  • 20.3% for Educational
  • 15.6% for Medical/Healthcare
  • 15.4% for Government/Military
  • 11.6% for “Banking/Finance

Causes of data theft/loss were categorized as follows

  • 12.9% hacking
  • 15.6% theft by company employees
  • 21% lost laptops and other digital media
  • 14%, accident publishing
  • 11% due to subcontractors

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