The EC-Council Elite Vendor Program (EVP) is meant to recognize information security products and services that meet the high standards that EC-Council embodies.

All applications are subject to approval and subject to such applications meeting the guidelines and restrictions set out in this document.

The EC-Council Elite Vendor will be granted a limited license to use a custom-designed logo for use in advertising the product or service, indicating that they are recognized as an “EC-Council Elite Vendor”. Usage of this logo is subject to guidelines and restrictions contained in the Logo Policy Guide.

Successful applicants will stand to gain extensive marketing mileage including the following:

  • Listing on Elite Vendor page (www.eccouncil.org/elitevendor.aspx) on EC-Council website with description of product and back link to vendor’s website
  • Announcement to EC-Council members via e-mail communication
  • Opportunity to present to the security community via the EC-Council| Security Channel

All EC-Council Elite Vendors must meet strict standards for both quality and delivery of their respective products and/or services.

Elite Vendor Benefits

  • The privilege of associating with EC-Council, a global brand name
  • The prestige of being an EC-Council Elite Vendor with products and services that are held in high regards by EC-Council members worldwide. Ability to reach out to specific target market segment as follows:
  • Ability to reach out to specific target market segment as follows:
    • Listing on Elite Vendor page (www.eccouncil.org/elitevendor.aspx) on EC-Council website with back link
    • Email announcement to EC-Council members
    • Opportunity to host product/service introduction webcast via EC-Council Security Channel
    • Placement of product whitepaper on EC-Council website
    • Placement of recorded introduction webcast on EC-Council website for continual broadcast throughout the term
    • Listing of future marketing activities on EC-Council website
  • Priority invitation and preferential rates to participate in EC-Council events
  • Approved use of custom-designed Logo
  • Custom designed Certificate of Recognition
  • Article, inserts and advertising in other EC-Council publications where deemed fit and appropriate, on a complimentary basis or at discounted rates.


Those interested to take part in the Elite Vendor Program (EVP) must meet the following requirements:

  • Product / Service must have proven to be deployed successfully.
  • Vendors must be well established, reputable and have a proven track record.
  • Must submit a concise product / service specifications and solutions document.
  • Application must be accompanied by at least three (3) written customer testimonials attesting that the product/service has helped their organization
  • Complete and submit the EVP Application Form and EVP Code of Ethics Agreement

Fee Schedule

  • One time application fee of USD $5,000.
  • USD $3,600 annual fee (Renewable every 12 months)

Application Process

  • A complete application for the EC-Council Elite Vendor Program consist the following:
  • Completed application form (Download HERE)
  • Sample of product and/or detailed description of products/services
  • Supporting materials for product and/or service
  • Written testimony of at least 3 current customers
  • Payment of the application fee

For more information about the EVP program, please contact [email protected]