Become a Certified Network Defender


What You’ll Learn

Module 01:
Computer Network and
Defense Fundamentals.

Module 02:
Network Security Threats,
Vulnerabilities, and Attacks.

Module 03:
Network Security Controls,
Protocols, and Devices.

Module 04:
Network Security Policy Design and Implementation.

Module 05:
Physical Security.

Module 06:
Host Security.

Module 07:
Secure Firewall Configuration and Management.

Module 08:
Secure IDS Configuration and

Module 09:
Secure VPN Configuration
and Management.

Module 10:
Wireless Network Defense.

Module 11:
Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis.

Module 12:
Network Risk and Vulnerability Management.

Module 13:
Data Backup and Recovery.

Module 14:
Network Incident Response and Management.

Online Education at its Best!

Practice with Simulated Labs

50% of the course consists of hands-on exercises and lab work! These hands-on labs are based on major network security tools and techniques which will provide network administrators real world expertise on current network security technologies and operations.

Time of

10-days/ 4 hours a day


96,000+ network security jobs
listed on LinkedIn


$85,335 in the U.S.

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