Build Your First Game with RPG Maker MV

Build Your First Game
with RPG Maker MV

Visualize, Create and Share your own Game!



Build Your First Game with RPG Maker MV

RPG Maker is used to fulfil the desire of developing a game without having any prior programming knowledge.This course will help you learn to build, compile and sell your own game using RPG Maker. You can create RPGs on any platform. To help everyone create a game easily, RPG has pre-included sample data that can be easily used. RPG Maker MV is based on JavaScript, in combination with HTML5 export, thus helping you to change the game according to your preferences.


This Course Will Help You To

Create and Compile games designed by you.
Learn step by step process of building a game from scratch with all the elements.
Learn to publish your game on Itchio.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to develop a game on Linux, Windows and OSX and Mobile.


Each chapter of the course will start with an overview and some references which you can use to explore further on some subjects. It will then be followed by hands on demonstration which you can replicate within a lab environment which we will help you to build.

About the Course

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5 hours

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Build Your First Game with RPG Maker MV

Have you ever wished to build a game on your own, but didn’t know how to start? Does the thought of programming scare you; you don’t know how to share or sell your games; you want to be able to publish your games to different platforms. This course is for you! In this course you don’t need any programming experience at all. You won’t need to hunt down resources to build your maps, characters, music, etc. All the tools that you need are build right into the software that we will be using. Have custom music, sounds, graphics? Not a problem, we will go over that too! Have a Windows machine, an Apple, Linux? Good news, RPG Maker works with all platforms. Do you want to build a game that’s not RPG? Again, not a problem, RPG Maker is more than a RPG builder, it is a powerful, flexible tool that can create various games.

In this course we will be going through building a game from scratch, start to finish. We will go over tips and tricks, how to export your game to various formats, and how to publish you game(s) for free or get paid. We will be going through step by step in an easy to follow instructions. If you have any questions or issues during the course?



Build Your First Game with RPG Maker MV: Introduction



Course Outline

1. Introduction

2. Course Requirements

3. Getting RPG Maker MV Demo (Windows)

4. How to Get RPG Maker MV Cheap?

5. What Can I Make in RPG Maker VM?

6. Planning Our Game

7. A Brief Tour of RPG Maker MV

8. Events

9. Creating Characters in RPG Maker MV (Visual)

10. Making Maps in RPG Maker MV

11. Editing Our Settings in RPG Maker MV

12. Uploading Videos in RPG Maker MV

13. Uploading Custom Pictures into RPG Maker MV

14. Uploading Audio to RPG Maker MV

15. Adding NPC’s

16. Adding Random Encounters

17. Adding a Store

18. Adding a Treasure Chest, Door, and Inn

19. Adding Character Emotes

20. Adding Environmental Effects

21. Items

22. Skills

23. Adding Monsters

24. Editing the Game

25. Exporting Our Game

26. Building Our Game Part 1: Intro Template

27. Building Our Game Part 2: Making Our Playable Party

28. Recommended Free Software

29. Creating Classes in RPG Maker

30. Building Dungeons, the Easy Way

31. Add Character Dialog

32. Building Our Game Characters Part 3

33. Building Our Castle Map and Intro Part 4

34. Finishing Our Castle and Making Our World Map Part 5

35. Finishing Our World and Adding Our Party Member Part 6

36. Building Our Dungeon Sequence Part 7

37. Finishing Our Dungeon Part 8

38. Finishing Our Dungeon Part 9

39. Ending Our Game Part 10

40. Publishing Our Game to Itchio

41. Converting RPG Maker MV HTML to an APK File (Easy)

Jeff Minakata

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Jeff Minakata has worked in the IT industry for over 19 years. He holds various cybersecurity certifications, networking certifications, and engineering certifications. Jeff has also written OSINT and ethical hacking articles for Hackin9 and eForensics magazine.

Jeff currently works on the computer networking side and teaches ethical hacking, OSINT, and cybersecurity online (Udemy bestseller and highest rated). He is passionate about helping people understand OSINT, ethical hacking, and cybersecurity.



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