CCISO Program wraps-up successful Washington DC area class

CCISO Program wraps-up successful Washington DC area class
April 1, 2016 EC-Council

The Certified CISO Program, EC-Council’s executive information security management course, has seen resounding success around the US, presenting four classes in four cities in 2016. Keyaan Williams, EC-Council CCISO Senior Executive, has seen incredible learning take place in these executive classrooms.

Feedback from students in the class include mentions of how the CCISO program will help them in their current job roles. Said one cybersecurity specialist in the class, the content will “… give me more of an executive toolkit that I can use to improve my consideration for those senior roles and in those senior circles. It will certainly help me stand out to board of directors and senior officials …”

Students also commented on the knowledge they gained will help them advance their careers, with another student saying “It will help me position myself for more senior positions in my current and future organizations. It will also help me continue to advance myself in the community as a trusted advisor who as seen as more than just technical.”

The class was the first CCISO class held in the DC area and the success of filling the class with 12 highly qualified students shows there is a need for more such management classes for information security professionals. In light of this, EC-Council has elected to bring the class back to Alexandria August 29 – September 2. Seats are already being sold for that class. To inquire about eligibility requirements and training options, please contact [email protected]