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How CEH course beats other
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Security Assessment Couse

EC-Council’s Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures (CEH) is the most advanced ethical hacking and security assessment course available today. The program covers extensive skills on exploiting systems, networks, devices and operating platforms and hacking concepts such as vulnerability assessment, network intrusion, advance viruses, Trojans, and other malware, reverse engineering, defacing websites, damaging network appliances, launching distributed denial-of-service attacks, massive worm propagation, breaking passwords, bruteforcing authentication systems, cracking encryption, exploiting systems, etc.

The program is a massive encyclopedia of hacking technologies and immerses students with advanced attack knowledge

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is the only comprehensive training program that provide methodological approach to ethical hacking, auditing and penetration testing including advanced security vectors involving tablet computer, clouds and virtual environments
It integrates existing information system security auditing and pen testing  methodologies such as OWASP, OSSTMM and NIST, and latest research from information security community to create an extensive common knowledge base  
The learning objectives of the program aligns with information security education standards such as the DoD 8570, CNSS and NICE framework  
Unlike the other programs available in the market which focus on various security domains in bits and pieces, CEH covers all major attack paths plaguing modern information system security in a single comprehensive program to help you understand the correlation among various threats  
The program demonstrates various distributed attacks targeted to bring down a whole organization and helps information security managers to align their efforts in right direction of compliance management
Provides detailed insights of most advanced ethical hacking, penetration testing and security auditing techniques and standard practices
Courseware is developed by subject matter experts from all over the world and are constantly updated to ensure that the students are exposed to the latest advances in the space  
Emphasizes on not just attacks but also demonstrates how to defend those attacks effectively and keeps the students updated with latest trends in hacking  
Demonstrates pen testing tactics from the hacker point of view to effectively exploit the vulnerabilities
The ethical hacking and pen testing methodologies are delivered in a number of formats including online live classes, online recorded
sessions, instructor led classes, and customized corporate classes to help professionals regulate their pace of learning
Even the experienced pen testers get to learn the new techniques to perform their job much more efficiently  
Instructors have real life Network Security and Ethical Hacking experience which enables them to share their personal experiences and upgrade the course to much higher level  
Advanced demonstration of malicious code exploitations, tools, techniques and tricks of creating a comprehensive audit plan for virus, worms, Trojan, rootkits and backdoors related security incidents  
World’s largest collection of standard hacking tools and difficult-to-find hacking utilities from underground hacking communities  
Cloud-based delivery channel for easy download of hacking toolkits, automatic tools update and pushing new discovered tools on student’s machines
Cloud-based advanced simulated lab environment that can be accessed 24x7 around the world and enables students to practice the learned concepts and hacking methodologies  
Single platform for course subscription and delivery that enables students to get an on-demand learning experience  
Optimized courseware for delivery on multiple platforms including pads, smartphones and touch screens  
Coverage of sophisticated attack vectors such as social engineering and insider thefts that are often ignored by security auditors and penetration testers  
Detailed coverage of threats arising from cryptography and steganography techniques, auditing organization environment and countermeasures to deal with such threats  
Dedicated section for dealing with advanced security threats emerging from advancement of wireless technologies  
Coverage of web application security auditing against programming-level issues such as buffer overflow  
Coverage of distributed denial-of-service attacks, auditing networks for DDoS attacks and countermeasures to protect  against such attacks  
Detailed coverage of how perimeter defense work including standard firewall, IDS and IPS deployments, and how to bypass it for an effective penetration testing effort