Letter from President

Read EC-Council President Letter on CISO Certification program

Jay Bavisi, Co-Founder and President of EC-Council

Dear members, friends and partners,

It is my pleasure to introduce the newest leading edge certification for seasoned Information Security professionals – the Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Certification.

CISO is the result of tireless work in cooperation with industry leaders to bring you a solid benchmark of functional and executive skill requirements that will verify your skills and enable you to take your career to the next level – securing the highest and most prestigious position within the information security field: CISO.

CISO is a valuable certification because it provides the most comprehensive guideline to the critical CISO skills.  It validates your superior competency and experience to lead information security program and professionals in your organization, be it in the private or government sector.

As you know, the information security industry has changed tremendously in the past few years. This year alone, large corporations and governments around the world have suffered devastating and extremely costly cyber attacks. A recent research has shown that the median annualized cost of cyber crime has increased by 56%. With the need to fulfill the IS industry’s growing demands and changing needs, CISO was designed to complement the use of high-end technology with empowered and experienced leadership so that the participant is ready to direct the information security team in the complex environment today.

CISOs will ensure the survival of our organizations in the turbulent digital age because they can adapt to and are prepared to tackle the ever growing threats of tomorrow. They understand that what was known as the World Wide Web, “WWW” is now better known as the “Wild Wild West”.

While the information security industry is changing rapidly, CISOs are here to stay. and we hope that with CISO you will secure your future by increasing your recognition, credibility, confidence, and the value of your information security role.

I wish you all the best in your journey to the top.

With best wishes,


Jay Bavisi
Co-Founder and President of EC-Council