Introducing EC Council’s CYBER Q

The most Customizable, Insightful and Affordable knowledge and skills-based framework available. Meeting the demands of Student’s, Educators, Professionals and Military personnel who are ready to power-up their cyber security skills.


  • Design your own question-pools and exams
  • Schedule your own exercises
  • Review reports that provide realistic assessment and ranking structure

  • Design the course to match your needs
  • Create your own targets and flags
  • Manage your own user-base

Solutions for

  • Safe environments
  • On-demand range
  • Individuals or teams
  • Target ready
  • Self-paced
  • Affordable

Solutions for

  • Custom challenges in minutes
  • Any content that fits course/mod/task
  • No expensive labs
  • Quantitative & Qualitative Assessments

Solutions for

  • Real skill development & Assessment
  • True performancebased testing
  • Relevant & relational reporting over time

Solutions for

  • Mission readiness reporting
  • Persistent cyberrange anywhere
    • Cloud
    • Your test-bed
    • Any world-wide event

You asked for it, we delivered.

CyberQ was developed by EC Council as a result of countless requests from students, training partners, companies and educators around the world to open a window into the Skills and Abilities of candidates.

While most certifications assess knowledge, few true performance-based certifications are available. Knowledge-based certification offers a limited indication of actual skills and abilities. CyberQ is designed for this purpose.

On-Demand Customization:

Your content, Your structure, Your targets.

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