With CYBERQ, EC-Council allows you to customize as little or as much as you need giving you access to dynamic educational services that change and evolve to match your demands.

The CYBERQ team has delivered training and exercises around the world since 2006 including: China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Argentina, Dubai, Hungary, the Netherlands and the United States.

CYBERQ is based on 20 years
experience in:

  • Designing and delivering hands on cyber security education
  • Designing and building cyber ranges of all sizes ?
  • Fixed and online
  • Fixed and offline (blackbox)
  • Mobile ? packable in a truck/van
  • Highly mobile ? transportable as checked bags on a plane
  • 4th generation scoring engine based on over 14 years of scoring engine design,
    build and delivery
  • Global delivery experience

EC-Council’s CyberQ:
The Power You Need from the Name You Trust.