On-Demand Customization

Tired of your vendor dictating course content, targets and scenarios? Frustrated by the cost and time required to roll out custom content? Afraid your student’s aren’t accurately tested fo real-world threats?

CyberQ delivers on-demand customizations that take only minutes to set up. For those who want a pre-packed solution, CyberQ offers a subscription-based service model that allows access to an ever-growing list of new scenarios.

But, for everyone who has felt the constraints of the current canned course model, CyberQ offers as little or as much customization as you want to match your always evolving needs.

CyberQ puts the power in your hands by allowing you to:

  • Design your own targets and flags
  • Map targets to any course>module>task hierarchy
  • Manage your own user-base
  • Create your own question pools and exams
  • Schedule your own cyber exercises
  • Enjoy full scoring transparency
Schedule a DEMO today to harness the power of CyberQ.

Q/2 Reporting:

Ditch the uncertainty of binary reporting, enjoy the certainty true Quantitative and Qualitative assessment offers.