Q/2 Reporting

True Qualitative and Quantitative Reporting begins with multi-dimensional scoring that provides a true assessment of the students knowledge and skills.

In knowledge-based binary reporting, all you know is if the student answered the question correctly or not. Skills-based binary reporting only indicates whether the flag was captured or not. Ranking is flat, excellence is invisible and worse, mediocrity is rewarded.

CyberQ’s Q/2 scoring and reporting begins with:

  • Binary (was the flag captured/was the question answered)
  • Time ? how long
  • Traffic generation ? how much traffic was generated to complete the task
  • IDS ? how many intrusion alerts were triggered to complete the task
  • Service functionality ? impact on critical network services

In version 1.0, CyberQ will also:

  • Use Common Vulnerability Scoring System
  • Third party, published metrics for attack difficulty
  • Change target scores over time to reflect patches, weaponization of attack
    scripts, etc.
  • Transparent and descriptive target rating
  • Add in optional player demographic data allowing you to compare performance
    based on age, education, certification, etc.
  • Include target reporting
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