EC-Council Awards Winners for 2010

EC-Council Awards Winners for 2010
August 25, 2010 EC-Council

Albuquerque, NM, Aug 25, 2010 – EC-Council, a leading international certification body in information security and e-business, today announced the winners for the annual EC-Council Awards for 2010. The EC-Council Awards recognizes the ongoing commitment of Accredited Training Centers and Certified EC-Council Instructors that have contributed significantly, and made a difference to the information security community by providing leading EC-Council certification programs.

This year’s winners are carefully selected from an extensive EC-Council Training Partner network that has over 450 training centers across 70 countries, and a large pool of Certified EC-Council Instructors, after meeting the stringent criteria set by the EC-Council Awards Committee. The Awards will be given out at the Hacker Halted USA 2010 conference, which will be held from Oct 13 – 15, at the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami, Florida.

“The annual EC-Council Awards highlights the commitment and achievements of our global partners and trainers that have contributed to the information security community. We are pleased to honor so many accomplished training providers and instructors that are committed to the betterment of world-class information security education globally. I congratulate all of the winners for their achievements and dedication to the Information Security industry in their respective region,” said Jay Bavisi, President of EC-Council.

Below is the list of EC-Council Awards Winners for 2010:

ATC of the Year

  • Advanced Security by Academy of Computer Education – North America
  • Intersoftware (Learning Solutions) – Latin America
  • Firebrand Training UK – Europe
  • MIEL e-Security Pvt. Ltd – India
  • Raya Academy – Africa
  • Hsueh-Cheng Educational Organization (PC-Center) – Asia Pacific

ATC – Circle of Excellence

  • Training Camp
  • Phoenix TS, Rockville MD
  • New Horizons, San Antonio TX
  • New Horizons, Omaha NE/TN
  • Netcom Information Technology
  • Etek Holding Corp Columbia
  • Facultad de Contaduría Pública y Administración (FACPYA) Nuevo Leon
  • IT University Puebla
  • Wissen Queretaro
  • BDO Consulting Panama
  • NetAcademia
  • Sysdream SARL
  • Global Knowledge Germany Training GmbH
  • Tshukudu Technology College B.V. (TSTC)
  • British Telecommounications PLC
  • Adept Technology Pvt Ltd
  • Koenig Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Brace Radical Information Security Pvt Ltd (BRIP)
  • Netconclave Systems
  • Fluxonix Educational Services Pvt. Ltd
  • Prestariang Systems Sdn Bhd
  • Institute Information Industry (III)
  • China University of Technology
  • PT Activindo Systems
  • Japan Third Party

ATC – Newcomer of the Year

  • Semos Education
  • Itera LATAM (Nuevo León, Jalisco, Mexico, Perú)
  • IServices Ltd
Instructor of the Year
  • Sean Hanna
  • Joe McCray
  • Roberto Martinez
  • Adel Abdel Moneim
  • Ghanshyam Bhagitani

Instructor – Circle of Excellence

  • Klaus Allermann
  • Paulo Pinto
  • Antonio Miguel Silva
  • Rudy Baving
  • Vincente Aguilera Diaz
  • Massimiliano Luciani
  • Marcell Foti
  • Steven Defino
  • Dave Chronister
  • Tim Pierson
  • Wayne Burke
  • Eric Reed
  • Ernie Campbell
  • James West Goewey
  • Pete Cortez
  • Fernando Mendoza
  • Isaias Calderon
  • David Schekaiban
  • Jesus Consuelos
  • Mauricio Muhnoz
  • Niranjan Padmanabh Reddy
  • Anshul Anant Abhang
  • Andi Yuniantoro
  • Belly Rachdianto
  • Wahyu Prasetyo
  • Semi Yulianto
  • Feng Chih Wei
  • Yasufumi Chida

The awards presentation ceremony will be held on Oct 13, 2010, at the upcoming Hacker Halted USA conference in Miami, Florida. This year’s conference line up of speakers has been expanded to include versatile topic presenters such as Professor Majid Sarrazfadeh, Richard Stiennon, Barnaby Jack, Arian Evans, Jacob West and John Flowers. They and the rest of the speakers will present diverse topics which will create the foundation for how this new decade in IT security is managed: Medical Hacking, Cloud Security, Web Application Security, Malware and other important security topics. In addition to a comprehensive program agenda encompassing some of the latest topics surrounding IT Security, EC-Council will be offering one-day security training for all participants of the conference on Oct 15, at no additional cost.  The objective of Hacker Halted is to raise awareness towards increased education and ethics in IT security. For more information about the conference, please visit

For more information about EC-Council Awards 2010, please contact Mr. Leonard Chin, Director of Marketing – [email protected]