EC-Council launches NEW Academia courseware to build a new Cybersecurity workforce!

EC-Council launches NEW Academia courseware to build a new Cybersecurity workforce!
October 7, 2016 EC-Council

The International Council of E-Commerce Consultants, better known as “EC-Council” is a member based industry certification body widely known for offering dynamic certifications in Cybersecurity such as Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH), Certified Chief Information Security Officer(C|CISO), Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator(CHFI), Certified Network Defender (CND), and over 20 more! These certifications have become staples in the Cybersecurity community and workforce due to their state-of-the-art ancillaries, hands-on approach, technicality, and vast focus on mapping to government standards.

With various accreditations and global recognition, EC-Council has always taken pride in developing proprietary content that maps to initiatives and specific job roles within the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education(NICE) framework. The robust mapping outlines the Knowledge Units (KU’s), Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSA’s) and incorporates Bloom’s Taxonomy. While focusing on the best possible standards and practices in the industry, EC-Council has received accreditation from the American National Standards Institute(ANSI), the top recognized industry accrediting body for certification and testing. In order to support existing US military students, partnerships have also been created between EC-Council and the Veterans Association(VA) to sponsor testing fees for military personnel covering CEH, CHFI and ECSA certifications.

The result of these efforts has been astronomical growth since EC-Council formed in 2002, with members stretching over 180,000 and counting globally in over 107 countries around the world. However, with the Cybersecurity skills gap defined by the US Government, the most pressing issues are to redefine and recreate America’s Cybersecurity workforce from the ground up! The US Government has acknowledged that academic institutions throughout the US are the backbone of America’s education and training system. Investing in Higher Education has now become the major focus of growing America’s new Cyberforce.

“America’s more than 1,100 community colleges are the backbone of our nation’s postsecondary education and training system. They serve over 7 million undergraduates, including many older, low- or moderate-income, minority, first-generation, and rural Americans an opportunity to earn a quality, affordable degree or credential that meet the demands of a competitive global economy.”

Budget Proposals to Connect More Americans to Training for In-Demand Jobs:

  • Expand Innovative Tuition-Free Training Programs at Community Colleges
  • Strengthening Partnerships between Businesses and Community Colleges to Grow the Middle Class
  • Helping More Americans Complete College Affordably. Along with Continuing to Index the Pell Grant to Ensure It Keeps Pace with Inflation
    (, April 25th 2016)

NEW EC-Council Academia Focus

EC-Council’s Academic channel effectively supports the most prestigious colleges and universities throughout the US and around the world with the most robust Cybersecurity programs and offerings. US partners include, but are not limited to, the University of Maryland University College, Western Governors University, the National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College, Strayer University, the University of Phoenix and many more. EC-Council has designated a newly structured academic channel within the US with the sole focus of growing the next generation of Cybersecurity professionals that succeed! This channel is based out of the EC-Council field office in Tampa, FL and is responsible for supporting academic institutions and affiliates in the United States within the K – 12, 2 year and 4 year higher education groups.

This level of support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Developing Cybersecurity initiatives state/region wide resulting in safer, more secure academic communities
  • High level program integration at AS, BS and MS degree levels with stackable credentials resulting in stronger Cybersecurity program outcomes
  • Sponsoring academic cyber camps, clubs and competitions to engage continued education and critical thinking skills
  • Developing new, innovative standards of Cybersecurity education with hands on learning to provide the most intense aspects of on-the-job training and career readiness
  • Facilitating nationally ranked conferences and collegiate cyber competitions


EC-Council | Academia

EC-Council is now moving away from the traditional academic learning style. A new branding of academic content and ancillaries with the most modern platforms, techniques, and challenges has now become EC-Council | Academia!

To progress, we must first rethink the idea of education and how students best prepare for future careers in their own individual environments”, says Wesley Alvarez, Director of Academics for the US Academic channel at EC-Council. This has led to EC-Council offering exciting, new cost effective and easily adoptable solutions for academic institutions. By combining the top cyber range in the academic industry (iLabs), the best learning models developed by EC-Council’s world renowned development team, the most practical and informative instructor resources, and the most unique LMS platforms, EC-Council will now provide the most technical academic resources to drastically improve Cybersecurity related credit programs across the US. EC-Council | Academia will be fully equipped with the following resources:

  • Content mapping to NICE
  • Academic syllabi with weekly breakdown
  • Defined learning objectives and learning outcomes
  • Unique chapter introductions and summaries
  • End of module quizzes
  • State-of-the-art labs with the most current tools and tactics
  • Robust pre-assessments
  • Industry whitepapers
  • Current case Studies and analysis
  • Final research projects
  • Academic voucher discounts
    …and more!

EC-Council | Academia content will be offered in an eBook format only. For questions, requests, ISBN’s or additional information, visit the EC-Council | Academia website today, or contact us at [email protected]. Our team looks forward to discussing how we can transform your programs and redefine student success in Cybersecurity!