Ethical Hacking Scholarship Recipient Announced to Equip Tomorrow’s IA Leaders with Skills to Lead Organizations’ Security Posture

Ethical Hacking Scholarship Recipient Announced to Equip Tomorrow’s IA Leaders with Skills to Lead Organizations’ Security Posture
October 24, 2011 EC-Council

The need for IT skilled professionals has never been greater as cyber threats and breaches increase at rapid speeds. In meeting the strong demand for highly educated information security professionals, EC-Council announces the recipient of a full Ethical Hacking Scholarship that will provide superior Information Assurance (IA) education. In addition, EC-Council University will award fifty applicants a Cyber Security Fellowship that will cut tuition costs in half.

October 24, 2011 Albuquerque, NM – Today, EC-Council University (ECU) awards the full-ride, $17,000 Ethical Hacking Scholarship to Mr. Kris Gairola. Gairola, an experienced IT Security Specialist, holds a bachelors degree in Information Systems and Operations Management from George Mason University along with several industry certifications, including EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH).

“We are extremely excited to award this scholarship to such an impressive applicant, and are looking forward to working with him as he develops his executive level IT and management competencies through the Master of Security Science (MSS) program,” says Dr. Kim Freeland, Dean of ECU, but adds that “It was a difficult decision to make due to the extensive pool of well-qualified applicants who submitted applications to be considered for the scholarship. Congratulations, Kris!”

Completion of the Masters of Security Science will provide Kris with the tools necessary to lead an organization regardless of its size in combating the ever-growing cyber threat. The MSS program will lay the foundation for lifelong learning and teach students, like Kris, how to grow, research, and adapt with the agility required to lead an organization’s complete security posture. MSS faculty are professionals who possess years of experience in the field of IT security and are considered experts by their peers. Faculty instruction, combined with their professional experience in IA, supports students as they work to apply various cyber security and management theories to real-world situations.

In addition to awarding the Ethical Hacking Scholarship, ECU is presenting fifty (50) Cyber Security Fellowships to well-qualified applicants who are looking to advance their careers in the ever-growing industry of information assurance. The Cyber Security Fellowship reduces tuition fees by fifty percent.

With cyber-security attacks on the rise, it is evident that the need for highly-trained IT security professionals will increase. A report released by the Government Accountability Office states that there have been 24 key agencies reporting Federal Cyber Security incidents, which is a 650 percent increase over the last five years. The Help Net Security magazine also reports that the number of critical vulnerabilities has tripled in 2011 and this led to the declaration of 2011 as the “Year of the Security Breach.” The Government Accountability Office suggests that the increase in the number of security incidents reported is due to a number of weaknesses with regard to how security is being implemented. Additional research and follow up shows lack of improvement furthering the issue. The lack of adequate training given to authorized personnel assisting in the monitoring of cyber security leaves businesses susceptible to attacks.

EC-Council University operates with the goal of meeting these industry needs by producing skilled IT and management innovators who will be the information assurance leaders of tomorrow. As organizations look for ways to safeguard their networks from cybercriminals, graduates will be there to provide solutions.

The Master’s of Security Science program solidifies a symbiotic blend of executive leadership and tactical information security and infosec leadership skills by educating individuals in industry leading technologies and skills, executive leadership, psychology, management and ethics. Focusing on topics like “inside the hackers mind,” “ethical hacking”, and even “global leadership” provides a very unique skill set arming the graduate with the tools, knowledge, and ability to lead effectively against advanced persistent threats such as individually motivated hacktivists, state sponsored organizations, even organized crime exploiting digital technologies.


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