How To Become A Hacker

How To Become A Hacker
December 2, 2010 EC-Council

Time for the Whole Nation to Become Hackers

EC-Council and Firebrand Training have teamed-up to offer a webinar that teaches you how to become an ethical hacker. With the rate of cyber attacks doubling every year, IT Security has become a valuable profession. Many in the role of Ethical Hacker now demand a six-figure salary.

The UK Government recently raised the threat-level of attacks on computer networks to ‘Tier One’ – the highest ranking possible. Testament to this, in a month of extreme spending cuts, theGovernment is to boost the Intelligence Services’ budget by £1billion, solely to tackle cyber terrorism.

The United States Department of Defence has endorsed EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker course to equip its cyber-defenders across the United States for the attack on cyber crime. Jay Bavisi, President of EC-Council, explains: “From emerging markets to developed economies, governments and organizations are spending a whole lot more to train their citizens and workers so as to build sufficient capacity of information security workforce to meet increasing needs.”

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