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The global oversupply of labor and undersupply of talent is a crisis that organizations, governments, and societies at large are facing. ManpowerGroup's 2013 Talent Shortage Survey found that 35% of global employers are struggling to fill open positions even during times of high unemployment. Millions of graduates are joining the global job market each year, but yet employers believe that most applicants just don’t have the right skills

EC-Council, the only ISO/IEC 17024 accredited certification body that offers Multi-disciplinary business certifications, established the Institute of iBusiness (IIB), to address the growing shortage of qualified business professionals in the fields of digital marketing, sales, strategy, operations, HR and accounting.

The goals of IIB are:

  • a

    To equip business managers with industry-accepted digital management knowledge and skills, through a hands-on approach, enabling participants to apply the latest digital technologies to real-life case studies.

  • b

    To offer personnel conformity assessments that independently assesses business managers’ competencies and capabilities against accepted industry standards.

  • "We live in a time when there are too many business people without jobs and too many jobs without people. This is primarily due to a global skills mismatch between what employers expect and what business professionals possess. With this in mind, EC-Council brainchild, the Institute of iBusiness, was created to train and certify business professionals on knowledge , technical and digital skills that are highly demanded in the job market.”
    Jay Bavisi
    CEO, EC-Council

Digital Marketing Cerification Series


The first series IIB launched are the Digital Marketing Certification Series. SEO, web analytics, mobile, content marketing, and social media are skills that nearly every marketing job requires, but finding qualified professionals – or even being able to recognize qualified professionals when they see them – is still a hurdle for employers.


IIB’s first digital marketing certifications are the


Certified Internet Marketing Practitioner (CIMP)

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Certified Internet Marketing Practitioner (CIMP)

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