1. How long is my certification valid for?

Your Certification is valid for 3 year from exam date.

2. How many ECE credits do I need to attain in the 3 years time frame?

For renewal, you ned 120 ECEs.

3. Where can I access ECE/Delta Portal?

You can access the ECE/Delta portal via Aspen http://aspen.eccouncil.org

4. How do I earn ECE credits?

ECE points can be earned by attending seminars, reading books, publishing a paper on related topics and anything that updates your knowledge on that business domain not only from IIB. If you have any enquiries, kindly write in to delta@eccouncil.org for assistance.

5. What happened if my certificate is suspended or revoked? How can I appeal for recertification?

If you fail to meet certification requirements within the 3–years time frame, IIB will suspend your certification. If you are suspended, you will not be allowed the use of the certification for a period of a year, unless you manage to earn the 120 ECE credits required to maintain/renew your certification for another three years.

If you fail to meet certification requirements during the suspension period, you will have your certification revoked and will not be allowed to continue usage of the certification. You will need to take and pass the certification exam again to achieve certification.

Members whose certification has been suspended or revoked due to non-compliance of certification requirements may send in an appeal in writing to IIB. This appeal letter must be received by IIB within ninety (90) days of the suspension / revocation notice, providing details of the appeal and reason(s) for non-compliance.

6. What is the annual maintenance fee for each IIB certification?



1. How can I appeal against a certification decision?

Please click here to know more about the appeal process http://cert.eccouncil.org/appeal-procedure.html

2.Is there any appeal application fee?



1. Who should I contact if I need any support?

Please contact eib@eccouncil.org or fill up the online enquiry form.

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