Master CEI

This elite group of instructors will champion and propagate EC-Council certification programs, and be recognized globally as a lead trainer for EC-Council. Only a select few will be granted this prestigious status that will give international recognition and global training opportunities.


  • Master Trainer will be the recognized lead trainer for EC-Council, respective to field of expertise
  • Listed on EC-Council promotional materials and websites – relative to field of expertise
  • More opportunities to receive business leads
  • Among the first to preview new certifications related to field of expertise
  • Priority for all global training classes related to field of expertise
  • PR exposures internationally
  • Opportunity to contribute and work on new courseware related to field of expertise
  • Complimentary access or highly discounted rates to all EC-Council events


  • Must be a current Certified EC-Council Instructor in good standing, for a minimum of 24 months
  • Must have consistently contributed to various causes of EC-Council - contribution of exam questions, speaking/presenting on any EC-Council platforms, shared instructional best practices, shared knowledge to the information security community, etc
  • Must have no less than 5 years of technical training background in the infosec field
  • Overall evaluation feedbacks (MTM or ECC-EVAL) must be above 80%
  • Must have conducted a minimum of 6 EC-Council training per 12 months period, over the past 24 months.
  • Must conduct a minimum of 3 CEI briefing sessions a year
  • Must be certified with the latest versions of EC-Council certification - related to field of expertise


  • A Master Trainer must be nominated by an EC-Council Authorized Training Center, Distributors, or EC-Council Country Manager
  • Fill in Application Form including MTM scores and/or ECC EVAL scores with a 10 minutes recording of an actual EC-Council training topic
  • Allow 8 weeks for interview and selection process
  • EC-Council will make an announcement on appointment of Master Trainer 

1.How long does it take to become a CEI (i-Business)?

The time it takes to become a CEI (i-Business) will vary, depending on factors such as:

  • Submitting the application
  • Responding to requests for information and background checks
  • Availability and Train-the-Trainer attendance of the course you are seeking certification to teach
  • Passing the certification exam
  • Your knowledge of EC-Council products and technologies
  • Your experience in training

2.What fees and expenses are associated with the program?

Applicants pay Train-the-Trainer course fees for each course they attend, exam fees, and all personal expenses—such as travel, meals, and accommodation—incurred during the assessment periods.

3. Do I need to take a test to become a CEI (i-Business)?

If you are seeking certification to teach CEH technical training course for example, you must take and pass the corresponding course exam. Exams are offered at Prometric, VUE Testing Centres and ECCEXAM Portal around the world.

4.If I am accepted to the program, what am I certified to do?

As a CEI (i-Business), you can teach the specific EC-Council course(s) that you have been certified to teach to customers defined by EC-Council or an Accredited Training Centre.

5.How will I be scheduled to teach a course?

If you are teaching directly for EC-Council, you will be scheduled via iClass, EC-Council’s online training system regarding available classes and given the opportunity to accept or reject the class in question.

If you work for an EC-Council Accredited Training Centre, the centre will manage your teaching schedule.

6.I have additional questions?

Great. Send those questions to