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The Certified iBusiness Instructor (CII) program is designed for individuals who want to become certified to deliver IIB’s suite of professional certification programs. The CII program provides resources for individuals to become industry-recognized trainers specializing in various fields of business.

All of IIB instructor-led training combines lectures, technical demonstrations, and hands-on labs. Certified iBusiness Instructors are required to be technically proficient with good instructional skills. The instructors need to maintain a high standard of professionalism and teaching preparedness.

To apply to become a Certified iBusiness Instructor (CII), you must:

  • Submit completed and signed CII Application Form and the Agreement.
  • If you are not an existing certified trainer for other major certification programs (eg., Microsoft, CompTIA, PMI etc), you will need to attend the EC-Council Train-The-Trainer and pass the CII Exam.
  • You must be certified in the program that you intend to teach (eg., to teach CIMP, you will need to hold the CIMP certification, and additionally, if you then want to teach CDM, you will need to be CDM certified).
  • Ensure you have updated your EC-Council Continuing Education (ECE) credits through the "Delta Portal (found within the Member's Portal) as your certification status must be in good standing.
  • An IIB Authorized iBusiness Partner will need to endorse your application. In case there is none, IIB may, at its discretion, endorse the application.
  • You must possess technical expertise and hands-on experience with related digital technologies and applications.
  • When a CII application is approved, IIB will send an email notice to the CII detailing the access to the CII Resources and this will be followed by a physical CII Certificate which will be mailed to the CII within 2 months from date of approval.

In addition to being in the select group that are authorized to lead IIB training, other benefits include:

Access to Secured Instructor Resource Portal:
All CIIs gain access to a CII portal which contains instructional resources consisting of presentation slide decks, labs, lab setup guide, video’s, best practices and tools that will enable you to deliver your training effectively.

Exclusive CII Logo Usage:
Subject to the terms and conditions of the CII agreement, all CIIs have exclusive rights to use the CII logo for web sites, business cards, marketing materials, and other documentation.

Dedicated Support and Communications:
You have access to internal IIB training experts who will address any instructional queries or feedback which concerns the curriculum, exercises, and setup requirements of the course(s) you are certified to train.s.

Thank you for your interest in applying to become a Certified iBusiness Instructor (CII). IIB will use the information you provide in this application to determine your eligibility. Only completed application with signed agreement form will be processed.

Upon completion, please submit your application as well as agreement form by way of email to

When filling out the application and agreement form, please print clearly or type. Processing can take approximately two to four weeks. You may check the status of your application by sending an email to

1.How do I become a CII?

See the previous section for list of steps.

2.How long does it take to become a CII?

The time it takes to become a CII will vary, depending on factors such as:

  • Submitting the application
  • Responding to requests for information and background checks
  • Availability and Train-the-Trainer attendance of the course you are seeking certification to teach
  • Passing the certification exam
  • Your knowledge of EC-Council products and technologies
  • Your experience in training
3.What fees and expenses are associated with the program?

Applicants pay Train-the-Trainer course fees for each course they attend, exam fees, and all personal expenses—such as travel, meals, and accommodation—incurred during the assessment periods.

4.Do I need to take a test to become a CII?

If you are seeking certification to teach CEH technical training course for example, you must take and pass the corresponding course exam. Exams are offered at Prometric, VUE Testing Centres and ECC EXAM Portal around the world.

5.If I am accepted to the program, what am I certified to do?

As a CII, you can teach the specific EC-Council course(s) that you have been certified to teach to customers defined by EC-Council or an Accredited Training Centre.

6.Where can I find a schedule of Train-the-Trainer classes?

The class schedule, which is posted approximately 30 days in advance, is available at iClass section.

7.How do I register for the TTT class?

Please visit the above link.

8.How are CII trainers evaluated?

For user and technical training courses, new trainers are first evaluated during the TTT session. In the TTT, you must demonstrate sufficient technical knowledge and instructional presentation skills to competently teach the course before you receive certification to deliver the course. As a means of ongoing evaluation, students are provided an online evaluation form at the end of each course and are asked to evaluate both the course content and the trainer’s technical and instructional expertise. EC-Council will review the course evaluations.

9.Once I am certified to teach a course, how long does that certification last?

Once you are certified to teach a course, you can teach that course until any one of these conditions exists:

  • A major update to the curriculum, after which you may be required to demonstrate knowledge of the new technology.
  • Poor evaluations received on either your instructional abilities or your technical knowledge. If this occurs, you may need to repeat the TTT session and/or teach the course under supervision of an EC-Council Master Trainer
  • Termination of your CII agreement.
10.How will I be scheduled to teach a course?

If you are teaching directly for EC-Council, you will be scheduled via iClass, EC-Council’s online training system regarding available classes and given the opportunity to accept or reject the class in question. If you work for an EC-Council Accredited Training Centre, the centre will manage your teaching schedule.

11.How often will I be scheduled to teach?

How often you teach will depend on a number of variables, such as the demand for the course you teach, your availability, your location, and the class location. The Statement of Work will indicate the dollar figure allotted to compensation for the given period. EC-Council does not guarantee that work will be assigned based on the trainer’s available dates or that all fund allotted will be used as noted in the Statement of Work.

12.I have additional questions?

Great. Send those questions to

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