• It was really nice experience during 5 days CEH training at NetConclave Systems, Pune. The training program was full with practical experience and made me aware of latest security challenges, counter measures. I would like to thank Mr. Niranjan Reddy Sir for valuable guidance and sharing his experience with us not only during training but also when I came across any practical difficulties too. Niranjan Sir helped me to clear the basic concept and advance attacks methodologies. I am looking forward to attend the next training very soon.

    Once again thanks to Niranjan Sir.

    SUNIL NIMBALKARManager IT & IS, Ahmednagar Shahar Sahakari Bank Ltd.
  • It was really great to undergo CEH Training program under the guidance of Niranjan and NetConclave Team. Niranjan has excellent technical knowledge in the field of Information Security and Cyber Security.

    His presentation skills, in-depth knowledge and practical approach is really good. It helped to gain more knowledge from hackers perspective, ways to tackle them and defend Network or Applications.

    It was a very good experience to have CEH training and certification under him, which undoubtedly aided values.

    Thanks for efforts.

    RAJ SINGHSeqrite, Quik Heal
  • Mr. Shafeeque is a highly talented, experienced and knowledgeable person with excellent teaching skills. He is a veteran in IT Security and well-versed in most of the hacking tools. I took ECSA classes from Graytips Cyber Technologies and I felt those classes as one of the best classes I ever had. Classes gave me very good knowledge and real experience to do a PEN test. I do Highly recommend Mr. Shafeeque to all IT professionals.

  • Shafeeque is an excellent pen testing instructor that gives those little nudges for his students to stay in the right path and acquire the necessary security skills instead of just spoon feeding every bit of information. I would highly recommend him as per the interaction I had, he would be there anytime to clear any doubts and also to give that pep talk needed to continue

    ASHAN MADURANGAE|CSA Associate Information Security Analyst, Pearson, Sri Lanka
  • Shafeeque is a tireless and valuable security leader. In addition to his assistance in my lab environment he has devoted tremendous effort in constantly exploring the task faced at all levels. He joined me in addressing challenge levels and invested above and beyond his committed time. Although due to time constraint and bandwidth limitation we both could not complete the assigned task but the journey of troubleshooting has enriched our learning and better prepared us to fight the hacking challenges in upcoming year. I wish him continued success in future endeavors. Happy Hacking

    AARON MATHEWC|EH, C|HFI, E|CSA, LPT Cyber security Manager ICT - Service Delivery Management, Greater Toronto Airports Authority
  • Mr.Shafeeque, is a man of wide knowledge in the area of information security. I should say I was in right place for my ECSA training, which gave me an in-depth knowledge in Black box testing. Shafeeque was very helpful in completing the ECSA modules and he never hesitated to clear any doubts and also to share any experience in this field. I can blindly recommend any IT security person to start training from Graytips Cyber Technology based on my experience.

    GEETHU SUSAN CHERIANPost Graduate in Computer Security C|EH,E|CSA
  • I had the wonderful opportunity to study under Mr. Shafeeque. I must say, I chose the right place to do my CEH Training. Mr. Shafeeque has in-depth knowledge in information security related aspects. With his help I was able to be familiarized with various cutting edge tools and I was able to gain much knowledge from him. I strongly recommend Shafeeque for EC-Council Trainings.

    RIZAL MUHAMMEDCEH | Security Researcher | Python Enthusiast
  • I had done CEH v9.0 Course from Gray Tips Cyber Technologies, and I have not only gain excellent knowledge but also gain hands on experience. So I am very satisfied with the course(CEH v9.0) that I had done there.

    JITHU GEORGESecurity Analyst at ValueMentor CEH,ECSA
  • I found Mr.Shafeeque is a highly knowledgeable and dedicated information security professional. Under his supervision, I took training for CEH at Graytips, Cochin. The knowledge he shared really helped me in enriching my career. Good luck to his all new ventures.

  • Mr. Shafeeque, is a n excellent training expert in the area of information security. I took my EC- Council CEH and CHFI training under his expert guidance. Mr. Shafeeque has a major role in helping me understand and practice various dimensions of security training. He explains the security practices like various ethical hacking lab sessions in a very simple and it is easy for any person to understand .I can on sure shot basis recommend any IT security person to start security training from Graytips Cyber Technology and get a wider knowledge from Mr. Shafeeque.

    SNEHA SUDHAKARANC|EH,C|HFI Graduate Research Assistant at University of New Orleans