KBU students explore the world of hacking

KBU students explore the world of hacking
April 9, 2010 EC-Council

Fri, 09 Apr 2010

THE terms ‘hacker’ or ‘hacking’ usually carry negative connotations. They often imply criminal, or at least, mischievous intent, while intruding into another’s computer security system. However, in the computing community, the term could be complimentary, depending on the context. More often than not, the primary meaning of a hacker is someone who is a brilliant programmer or a technical expert.

That was exactly what students of KBU International College found out when they attended a talk organised exclusively for them by the EC-Council Asia Pacific, in collaboration with KBU’s School of Engineering and Computing.

During the much-awaited event, students were also given the opportunity to watch a live demo on ethical hacking which was demonstrated by the EC Council presenters.

EC-Council is the leading IT Security certification body who offers both business and technical training to impart a solid background necessary to build successful e-businesses. The institution addresses the critical needs across all industries for the whole spectrum of industry-standard IT security and e-business programme

Dr Christine Lee Siew Ken, Deputy Head of KBU School of Engineering & Computing, who coordinated the event, was extremely pleased with the huge turn-out of her students. The lecture theatre was packed to the brim with not only students from KBU’s School of Engineering and Computing but also those from the School of Business, Hospitality & Tourism Management and the School of Design.

Through KBU’s collaboration with the EC-Council, students could get themselves certified as an ethical hacker at an affordable fee.

Lee also remarked that many students were not aware of the lucrative salary of IT security professionals. For instance, in the Robert Walters Global Salary Survey 2009, it was reported that an IT security analyst in Malaysia could earn a salary of up to RM100,000 per annum, while in Hongkong, a security specialist earns up to HKD 800,000 (RM344,000) per annum. If one were to venture further, a security specialist in UK and France could earn up to £95,000 (RM372,000) and €90,000 (RM398,000) per annum respectively.