Membership Fees 2016

Membership Fees 2016
January 1, 2016 EC-Council

Dear Certified Members and Partners,

Please be advised, effective January 1, 2016, EC-Council will be initiating the requirement for Membership fees for all certified members holding EC-Council certifications. In the year 2012, EC-Council had announced that it would be initiating this membership fee structure in 2016. We are proud to say our certification membership base continues to grow at a steady rate and the cyber security field is growing as a whole.

Just this year, EC-Council has received “Cyber Security Company of the year award” The year before, we received the “DHS/NSA Industry Achievement Award” at the CISSE Colloquium for advances in cyber security professionalization. These awards received are evidence of the work we continue to do to add tangible industry recognition and value in our certification programs. We also now have a fully accredited online University- EC-Council University, which produces Cyber Leaders of the future. We are proud to maintain our ANSI 17024 status. We are proud to be one of the world’s largest technical InfoSec certification bodies with over 140,000 certified members in 140 countries across the globe

Holding a certification from EC-Council comes with many benefits and advantages but comes at an immense cost of maintenance to EC-Council. To continue to provide these benefits and elevate the value of EC-Council Certifications in the market, EC-Council has no choice but to implement a certification maintenance fee of $80.00 per annum.

The EC-Council Continuing Education requirements, which calls for the maintenance of certification through Continuing education credits is still in effect and it is important you maintain currency in the profession.

We understand that the certification maintenance fee may be burdensome to some of our members. To offset the cost of certification maintenance, we have devised a plan to provide direct value to you, our certification holder. For the year 2016, we are proud to announce that Any member certified or recertified from January 1st 2016 onwards and continues chooses to keep their certification active will be eligible to receive one free ONE FREE certification exam voucher upon completion of their latest ECE cycle, with values ranging from USD $125 to USD $650. If the member redeems this voucher, and takes the exam and pass, they will not need to worry about accumulating your required 120 CPE points for the next 3 years!

Members are also eligible to receive exclusive discounts to attend EC-Council Foundation Events such as Hacker Halted and Take Down Con as well as a discounts on additional EC-Council certification programs and material.

Certified Members will be notified via their Aspen accounts.

We thank you for your ongoing support towards EC-Council, should you have any questions, please write back to us.

For partners [email protected]

For certified members mailto:[email protected]

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