CCISO Testimonials

CCISO Testimonials

  • The CCISO Program has benefited my career by giving me the ability to show my knowledge and worth as a CISO. This course was coupled with a title change to CISO. My career goals include continuing to build out the Information Security Program at Samford University and the program allows me to be able to continue to lead and show worth of the needs in the department.

    John BandyChief Information Security Officer, Samford University
  • The content I learned in the CCISO program relates to my current job in that I have a baseline reference now that will be very useful in my practice.

    Gary KennedyCyberSecurity Executive Consultant, company Airetay IT Consulting
  • The CCISO Program content directly relates to my current job role. The best part of the CCISO course was interacting with other CISOs.

    Kelvin BrooksCISO, City of Atlanta
  • The content I learned in the CCISO program gives me better preparedness for hackers, attacks, etc. The best part of the class was collaboration with people who have real-world experience.

    Dawn RollerDean Specialized Products/VP S&S, University of Phoenix
  • We’re in a highly compliance regulated environment so the content in the CCISO Program fits well with my current role. We live within the NIST world and are implementing a more formal InfoSec Mgmt Program. Currently I’m a CTO for a cloud computing company that I was a founder of. The CISO title may switch my focus over the next couple of years to security / infrastructure consulting. The program added a nice base and will let me think about areas of focus going forward. As the CISO role becomes more standard, small to mid-sized companies that can’t afford one will be possible good targets for help. The best part of the class was that we had a diverse class and the instructor focused on getting real world examples and discussions. Also, tools that everyone else uses for each piece we talked about. We all want to know what people use to get help.

    Bill SorensonCTO & CISO, IVDesk Minnesota, Inc.
  • Our state is adopting a NIST standard and the content for ISO helped me understand what will be needed to setup NIST. My next career goal is the title of CISO and the content gave me a better idea of what it means to be a CISO and what is required. The best part of the class was meeting other professionals with the same goals and issues I face each day.

    Agency Information Security OfficerAlabama Department of Transportation
  • The content of the CCISO Program relates to my current job because it will help me engage other CISOs of like mind in like conversations. The program allows me to look at the CISO position as a business leader rather than technical position. This opens up opportunities around policy and program development. The best part of the class was networking.

    Assistant DeanUniversity of Phoenix
  • Conceptually, the content learned during the CCISO program will help me to transform my organization into a more mature program. My next career goal is to move up the management latter into a managerial or executive position with oversight over an organization’s security program. The CCISO program content will assist me to apply enterprise security concepts to my organization’s security program and enhance the overall effectiveness of our security program. The best parts of the CCISO course were hearing the real-life experiences of the instructor applying the CCISO course concepts to real world information security issues facing business organizations, as well as the shared perspectives among the various course participants from various business sectors.

    Assistant Information System Security Manager (AISSM)Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Lab
  • The CCISO Program will allow me to better relate what I currently do to my client’s strategic goals and deliver my recommendations in a way that improves the likelihood of their acceptance. My career goals include becoming Deputy CISO for a few years, then CISO or equivalent position and the program relates very well to these goals. The course and certification are well worth it. I am already being approached to consider more challenging positions. The sharing of experience and knowledge among the group and from Mr. Williams were among the best parts of the class. I found him to be an excellent instructor.

    Frank GearhartIT Analyst, COLSA
  • The CCISO Program is aligned with all facets of my career goals. I liked the high service level, flexibility and the content.

    Erik TomasiCOO, DTG Consulting
  • Dr. Murray (instructor) was awesome and kept you energetic, spoke extremely well, and inspired class participation. The content in the CCISO program will help me keep more of an open mind and more of an overview besides just the technical systems I monitor. I learned some great ideas to use for communications and some ideas for future RMF work. The program will help me better understand the management side of the business and help me with some team communications and building. The best parts of the class were the instructor’s interaction with the class and the book reads very well (and I suffer badly from A.D.D.)

    Don ObrienSA Dynetics
  • The content in the CCISO program aligns with my expanded role in the company. My goal is to become CISO and the content was very applicable and directional for my career goals. The peer networking, professional interaction, and discussions were the best parts of the class.

    Ehsan ChoudhuryDirector of IT Operations, Zaxby's Franchising LLC
  • I am already performing the CISO duties so the CCISO program gave me formal training in the best way to do the duties. My goal is to become a CEO and all CEOs need to understand cyber security. Also CISO is a C level job so can be a great stepping stone if done well. Validating that what I was doing was correct and that I was keeping abreast of the right info were the best parts of the class.

    AnonymousCCISO student
  • The content in the CCISO Program will help me to work with the departments at my credit union to provide secure solutions to their challenges as well as convince my credit union to create a CISO position and gain it myself. InfoSec management is where I want to focus my career progress. This class was fantastic in that it validated everything I know already, exposed me to new ideas, and certified my experience and knowledge in the field. The best parts about the CCISO course was the student and instructor interaction. The discussions with my classmates both in the class and outside of it were all beneficial and helped to solidify my understanding of the concepts. Dr. Shawn P. Murray was a fantastic instructor. He easily brought the information to a practical level, making it relatable.

    Stefan HarrisVP of Information Technology, Vantage West Credit Union
  • The multitude of frameworks and emphasis on risk management are key elements to be applied in my daily job and the content in the CCISO Program directly relates to that. My goal is to continue to elevate and evaluate how we do risk assessments. Education and awareness regarding industry standards certainly applies to my career goals. Sharing ideas and experiences with industry peers was the best part of the class.

    Scott WelkerSr. Cybersecurity Analyst, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • The CCISO program helps me ensure that I can review our current IS Program and determine basic structure, delivery elements and components necessary to facilitate a stable and business productive office. My career goals include refining our organization’s InfoSec Program from the top – down and the program DIRECTLY, and almost completely, aligns with this goal. The convenience of immediate exam attempt was the best part of the class.

    Information Security DirectorGeorgia Lottery Corporation
  • The overall information was excellent. As for the content, I think it was exactly what a CISO needs to know. Since my current job is more business development and IA portfolio management within the US DoD focused, the information does not have much relevance. However, it provides valuable information that I can use during business development activities with US DoD CIOs. Additionally, it provides me a broader perspective (i.e. beyond US Government) when dealing with high-level cyber-security programs. Finally, it gives be a better foundation as I look to transition into a CISO role. My long-term career goal is to become a CIO or CRO within the next 10 years. My short-term goal is to become a CISO (or some other title with similar functions). My intension is to function in a CISO role within 5 years.

    Eventually, I’d like to become CIO for an airline, a large city or state, or a large university. These interest me because of their complexity and ever changing landscape.

    The contents learned in the CISO program directly apply to my career goals because:

    1. It provides a view that s broader then the US DoD environment that I’m accustomed to
    2. It provides a framework on which I can build my short term goals. For example, I’m now aware of the various security frameworks and laws/regulations that I need to be aware of and become familiar with as I work to accomplish my goals.

    I view the CISO program is the starting block for my goals. It provides the basic knowledge for a successful start towards becoming a CISO and eventually a CIO.

    I believe the best part of the course that I attended was the instructor. Joe Voje, the instructor, was able to present the course in a manner that makes it meaningful and provide lots of real world examples. Next would be the book provided since it can be used as a reference.

    Conroy WatsonSenior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Any cyber training broadens my knowledge for the job. To find an advisory job in which to exercise my breadth of knowledge in the cyber domain. It should open doors to cyber opportunities with more responsibility and at a more senior level than I’m currently performing. The experience and teaching style/expertise of our instructor. He was able to make clear what was important, both from the book and from general cyber knowledge.

    AnonymousCCISO Student
  • I am constantly being pushed away from a technical role into more of a director role, which is more political and “negotiative”. The content relates directly to this concept and reinforced the skills and concepts I need to put into practice. I will achieve a Master’s degree in the medium to long term future. My goal is to serve as a CISO in a small to medium sized organization. It directly correlates to my career goals! I enjoyed hearing real world experiences and how the industry is moving to expectations of an executive at the table for information security.

    Larry LawProgram Security Manager, ManTech International
  • While the instructor, material, facilities and the EC-Council team were great, I wish that the course was 5 days long. I really enjoyed the program. The CCISO program directly relates to my current job function. I am confident that I will be using almost everything I learned in class. Great training program. While I am enjoying my current role, my future career goals include becoming a CISO. The CCISO program directly prepared me for the next step in my journey of becoming a CISO. The entire program was developed with extreme care and rigor. While I don’t have a favorite part, I am mindful that each component of the program is necessary and relevant to providing the appropriate information for those that aspire to become a CISO.

    Howard PhillipInformation Security Manager, MDLIVE