Small Businesses, Ransomware, and Your Risk Assessment

Small Businesses, Ransomware, and Your Risk Assessment
February 9, 2016 EC-Council

An interesting article was published in The Guardian this week detailing the rise of ransomware attacks targeted at small businesses.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are enticing targets for ransomware attacks because they typically have fewer security controls in place and are unable to defend against an attack and may be more likely to pay up to get their files back due to their reliance on a smaller portfolio of products or services for their business to run.

The article also makes a critical point about how the weakness of SMEs actually puts larger businesses at risk too as hackers may see SMEs as a soft target that may be connected to a larger enterprise via a contracting relationship. This speaks to the importance of having a robust third party security program in place for true risk management.

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