To feature on the leader board, you will have to pass both, the CEH knowledge-based MCQ (v8 and above) and the CEH Practical exam, thereby attaining the CEH (Master) credential. Scoring is based on the marks obtained and time taken to pass the exam. Efficiency is the key.

Simply put, the faster and more accurate you are, the better your CEH (Master) score is bound to be. Since the CEH (Master) credential is a validation of ethical hacking prowess of a candidate, more weightage is given to the practical exam, due to its 6 hour rigorous challenge, which actually puts a candidate through a live security audit challenge, as if they were an ethical hacker on the job.

We have incorporated weighted scoring components comprised of both score and time to complete to derive our scoreboard leaders.

Our leaderboard algorithm calculates 4 elements, Scores earned in both the CEH knowledge exam and the CEH Practical, as well as time to complete on both exams. Because this is the CEH Master Leaderboard, we hold a higher weightage on the Practical Score than on the Knowledge exam score. Actual leaderboard algorithm weightage is as follows(Note: Placement on the CEH Master Leaderboard has no bearing on certification status, pass or fail, candidates appearing on the leaderboard achieved a combination of the highest scores possible in the fastest time possible in comparison to other CEH Masters appearing on the Leaderboard):

MCQ Score =28.6%
MCQ Time = 14.29%
Practical Score = 42.86%
Practical Time = 14.29%

Being featured on the Global Ethical Hacking Leader board is a privilege. Members receive wide coverage and cognizance from the cybersecurity community. You have now set the bar and it just got higher!

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