The Battle Against Cyber Attacks

The Battle Against Cyber Attacks
July 8, 2013 EC-Council

The proliferation of ICT and virtualisation has brought about a revolution of a different sort – a cyber revolution – which has created a myriad of benefits and opportunities to countries, organisations and individuals, while introducing the new and unstoppable threat of cyber attacks. Bringing down entire organisations and throwing countries into cyber warfare, it is a growing inevitability, one that needs to be battled.

Understanding the importance of cyber security for governments and organisations in Sri Lanka, the Daily FT in collaboration with CICRA Consultancies, under the aegis of the US-based EC-Council, hosted the Cyber Security Summit 2013, a series of events that drew attention to this growing menace and through a line-up of international and local experts on the topic, shared insights into how it can be combated at all levels.

The flagship event was a full day summit, the ‘EC-Council Cyber Security Summit’, prior to which a leadership forum with some of the country’s top CEOs and chairmen was held. The series of events ended with the ‘Night Hack’ in the evening, an informative session with live demonstrations on cyber-related vulnerabilities.  Click Here to Read More…

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