Top Cybersecurity Whitepapers 2020

In this modern age, when attacks on our digital infrastructure are more and more frequent, cybersecurity has to become a must-have skill if we want to safeguard our way of life. In a post-COVID world, cybersecurity is as critical as internet access itself.

That’s why it now dominates the priorities of every organization as they adapt to a new normal, one where cyber attackers have become bolder and faster in attacking new unprotected threat surfaces created when millions of employees started working from home.

They were joined by hundreds of thousands of students from schools and colleges who began learning remotely as well, depending entirely on digital resources and online classes.

Protecting their critical infrastructure, employees, and customer data has been the top focus for all businesses, right through 2020. At EC-Council, for nearly 2 decades, we have considered it our primal responsibility to ensure that learners and the business community continue to thrive and develop by assimilating the right cybersecurity knowledge and skills.

To this end, we strive, day in and day out, to compile content-rich resources, which are made freely accessible to the cybersecurity community. This exclusive collection of the Top 30 Cybersecurity Whitepapers of 2020 has been authored by some of the most prominent industry leaders and domain experts.

The compilation covers various domains and concepts with in-depth analyses and perspectives. A yearbook like this can benefit people from all walks of life, all ages, all backgrounds, particularly those with a penchant for technology, who want to learn the cybersecurity skills to safeguard our digital planet. After all, life in a COVID-year wouldn’t be the same without technology — so it’s up to us to protect it.