Hacker Halted USA Recruits Top Industry Experts for New Advisory Board

Hacker Halted USA Recruits Top Industry Experts for New Advisory Board
February 16, 2011 EC-Council

MIAMI, FL — Hacker Halted USA 2011, the annual cybersecurity conference hosted by the EC-Council, announces it has secured eight prominent industry experts to serve on its new Program Advisory Board. This new body will assist EC-Council in developing a top-tier program and agenda for its upcoming conference in Miami.

“We are delighted to have won the commitment of several top figures in the IT security industry,” said Jay Bavisi, president and co-founder of EC-Council, the organization behind the Hacker Halted series. “It is our goal to make Hacker Halted a leading venue for IT security thought leaders, policy experts, research presentations and ethical hacker training. We are determined and committed to making it the premier event on the East Coast.”

The Program Advisory Board, comprised of several elite information security professionals, will be instrumental in planning Hacker Halted USA 2011, October 20-27, 2011 in Miami, Florida.

Members of the new Program Advisory Board include:

●    Dr. Charles Miller – Dr. Miller is a leading authority on exploits and vulnerabilities. He served five years as a Global Network Exploitation Analyst with the National Security Agency (NSA), created the first remote exploit for iPhone and the G1 Android phone and is a regular speaker at prominent security conferences. He is currently the principal analyst with Independent Security Evaluators.

●    Gunter Ollmann – Mr. Ollmann is one of the foremost experts in threat research and mitigation. As Dumballa’s vice president of research, Mr. Ollmann focuses on creating new crimeware mitigation technologies and the identification of criminal operators behind botnets and other advanced persistent threats. Prior to Damballa, he served as Chief Security Strategist for IBM and Director of X-Force at Internet Security Systems.

●    Matthew Luallen – As president of Sph3r3, LLC, Mr. Luallen is a national expert on SCADA and process control security issues, having consulted for a large percentage of US energy providers. Previously, he provided strategic guidance for Argonne National Laboratory as a member of its Information Architecture and Cyber Security Program Office.

●    Richard Stiennon – A nationally known author and speaker on the information security industry. Mr. Stiennon is the founder and chief analyst of IT-Harvest, an independent firm that researches IT security vendors. He was VP of Research at Gartner and Manager of Technical Risk Services at PricewaterhouseCoopers. He writes the security blog ThreatChaos.com which is syndicated by InfoSecIsland and Forbes.com.

●    Robert Rounsavall – Mr. Rounsavall is an expert on security architecture and how it relates to cloud computing and virtualized security. He works on both commercial and federal projects as director for Secure Information Services. He built and deployed the first Portable Security Operations Center. Mr. Rounsavall has a patent pending for total network visibility.

●    Pamela Fusco – Ms. Fusco has more than 20 years experience in the information security and risk management industry. She served as executive vice president, Global Information Security, at CitiGroup. She is the principle at LES, LLC and co-founder of the Virtuosi Group.

●    Hemma Prafullchandra – Ms. Prafullchandra is a leader in the design and development of security and compliance management solutions. She has served in critical security positions including Security and Networking Group Manager at Sun Microsystems and VP Advanced Products and Resarch at VeriSign, Inc. Ms. Prafullchandra is currently a board member of Alpec and CTO of HyTrust.

The Program Advisory Board will also include Brad Smith, director of the National Cyber Defense Force and the Computer Institute of the Rockies. Visit www.hackerhalted.com/advisoryboard for more information.

This year’s event is designed to have four focused tracks:

1.    What’s Hot – Featuring the latest and most discussed infosec topics all round
2.    Cut the Crab, Show me the Hack – Highly technical, packed with hacking demos, no slides
3.    Securing SCADA and Critical Infrastructures – All important sessions covering protection and vulnerabilities in the SCADA and CI areas
4.    Up in the Clouds – All things surrounding cloud and virtualization security

For more information and details about Hacker Halted USA, please visit www.hackerhalted.com.

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