March 22, 2022

What Is Ethical Hacking?
What Is Ethical Hacking? Getting Started as an Ethical Hacker

Malicious cyberattack rates continue to increase worldwide, with 2021 breaking all previous records for zero-day hacking events (O’Neill, 2021). Hackers are not just getting better at breaking into systems and overcoming network security; they can also access systems in less time than ever before. So what’s the solution? Many businesses choose to provide cybersecurity awareness…

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Understanding and Preventing Social Engineering Attacks

According to PurpleSec (2021), 98% of cyberattacks rely on social engineering. The same report indicates that new employees are the most susceptible: 60% of IT professionals cited recent hires as at high risk of falling for social engineering tactics. Social engineering attacks use deception, coercion, or other interpersonal methods to achieve an illegitimate or fraudulent…

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Understanding the Skills Needed to Become an Ethical Hacker

As technology advances, so does the need for more robust cybersecurity. Organizations of all sizes are vulnerable to attacks, and to combat these threats, they require employees with the right skill set. If you’re interested in advancing your career as a cybersecurity professional, there’s no better way to start than with EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker…

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What Is Vulnerability Analysis?
What is Vulnerability Analysis 101: Everything You Need to Know

Malicious hackers are continually looking for ways to access organizations’ networks and systems to get their hands on valuable company data. In 2020, the FBI reportedly received more than 2,000 internet crime complaints per day (Internet Crime Complaint Center, 2020). Luckily, while malicious hackers are finding ways to commit cybercrime, ethical hackers are working diligently to…

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Web Application Attacks
How to Defend Against Common Web Application Attacks

With the rapid adoption of innovative technologies, cybersecurity has become more imperative than ever. From data breaches and ransomware to web application exploits, businesses today are constantly under attack. Not only is the number of cyberattacks increasing, but the cost of each breach is also on the rise: According to a recent report (IBM, 2021),…

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