Become a Certified Blockchain Developer Course (B|DC)


Become a Certified Blockchain Developer Course (BDC)

Blockchain Developer Course (B|DC) Overview

EC-Council’s blockchain certification courses are curated by experts to support the growing demand for skilled blockchain professionals. These programs have been designed to meet the industry requirements of developers, business leaders, and fintech professionals in this rapidly growing area.
Our blockchain certification courses consist of three knowledge and competency areas: development, implementation, and strategy. During the course, students get exposure to multiple blockchain implementation concepts and a unique guideline for sustainable and scalable blockchain development using quantum-resistant ledgers.
The course aims to provide developers with a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology, including its impact and applications in business and finance. Students will learn about cryptography, cryptomining, quantum computing, blockchain project implementation, Ethereum, and more.

Key Advantages of the Blockchain Developer Certification

Program Information

Be a Top-Notch Developer in the Blockchain Revolution

Why Do EC-Council’s Blockchain Certification Courses Stand Out?

EC-Council has introduced these blockchain certification courses to set globalstandards in blockchain technology.

Contextual Training and Global Application

In today’s consumer-centric, data-driven, peer-to-peer ecosystems, we strive to help business professionals obtain relevant and practical digital skills to facilitate global corporate growth. EC-Council’s blockchain certifications were developed to help aspiring blockchain professionals learn this evolving technology and understand its implications for businesses.
Together, these courses comprise a 360-degree, vendor-agnostic, practical program that teaches students how to fully leverage the potential of blockchain technology. The courses dig deep into the main characteristics and features of the distributed ledger technology and introduce the new 3S (Secure, Scalable, Sustainable) proprietary blockchain framework.

Key Highlights of EC-Council’s Blockchain Certification Courses