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EC-Council Ethical Hacking Essentials

Ethical Hacking Essentials is an Introductory cybersecurity course that covers ethical hacking and penetration testing fundamentals. It offers hands-on experience in computer and network security concepts such as threats, vulnerabilities, password cracking, web applications, and more. No IT/Cybersecurity experience required for this course.

Test your skills with CTF-based Capstone Projects and validate these newly acquired skills in proctored exams. With 15 hours of premium learning, 11 labs, and 12 modules, the E|HE provides a solid foundation and formal recognition to boost your resume and open doors for better opportunities.

The Ethical Hacking Essentials (E|HE) program is an introductory cybersecurity course that covers ethical hacking and penetration testing fundamentals and prepares learners for a career in cybersecurity. This ethical hacking course will introduce learners to computer and network security concepts such as threats and vulnerabilities, password cracking, web application attacks, loT and OT attacks, cloud computing, pen testing fundamentals, and more. EC-Council’s Ethical Hacking Essentials courses provide hands-on, practical experience to learners, thus giving them the skills necessary for a future in cybersecurity. One of the key features of this course is the capstone project CTF challenges where you’ll tackle authentic objectives, demonstrating your ability to think critically, apply acquired knowledge, and employ hands-on skills to resolve a variety of challenges within a genuine (yet controlled) target system. E|HE-certified learners have an assured means of formal recognition to add to their resumes and show off their expertise and skills to prospective employers. This improves their prospects for employment advancement, higher salaries, and greater job satisfaction. If you are looking to learn an advanced ethical hacking course, click here: Certified Ethical Hacker

Key Features of the Ethical Hacking Essentials Program

Ethical Hacking Essentials (E|HE) Program Information

Ethical Hacking Essentials (E|HE) Recognitions

  • Approved by the United States, Florida DOE (Department of Education) as industry-recognized credentials on the Florida Career and Professional Education Act (CAPE) for secondary education.
  • Approved by the state of Virginia Department of Education Career and Technical Education as industry-recognized credentials.
  • Approved by the Ohio DOE (Department of Education) and Workforce as an industry-recognized credentials list.
  • Approved by the Career and Technical Education division within the Arkansas DOE as industry-recognized credentials.

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Ethical hacking, or penetration testing, is the lawful process of identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities in an organization’s systems, networks, and applications before malicious hackers exploit them. It’s essential for protecting the security and integrity of an organization’s infrastructure against cyber threats.
Upon successfully completing the Ethical Hacking Essentials program and passing the exam, you can obtain the certification, validating your skills and readiness to kickstart your career in cybersecurity.
After completing the Ethical Hacking Essentials (E|HE) course, taking the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) certification training is the next crucial step toward becoming an expert in ethical hacking. Recognized as the world’s no.1 ethical hacking certification, the C|EH program offers a comprehensive and structured approach to ethical hacking training. The C|EH training covers a wide array of core cybersecurity topics, including but not limited to penetration testing, network security, web application security, cryptography, and incident response. It provides hands-on labs and ethical hacking engagements to simulate real-world hacking scenarios, giving learners practical experience in identifying vulnerabilities and securing systems.
Yes, Ethical Hacking Essentials (E|HE) is for beginners and career switchers. If you are interested in switching or starting your career in cybersecurity, E|HE can be ideal for developing the core fundamental skills and knowledge required to enter this domain. The E|HE course caters to high school students, career switchers, and any IT professionals with little or no previous experience in cybersecurity.
Yes, the EC-Council’s Essentials Series is recognized worldwide. Renowned in over 150 countries and trusted by 200,000+ candidates, EC-Council’s Essentials Series adds credibility to your resume and enhances your job prospects in the industry.
Along with E|HE, you can enroll in other EC-Council’s Essentials Series courses to get a solid understanding of several cybersecurity domains before specializing in any particular area. The Essentials Series covers eight courses: Ethical hacking, Network Defense, Digital Forensics, Cloud Security, IoT Security, SOC, Threat Intelligence, and DevSecOps.
Ethical Hacking Essentials is available in different pricing plans for enterprises, individuals, and universities. Enquire here for pricing and courseware.
To start your career in cybersecurity, you can consider EC-Council’s Essentials Series, designed and developed to empower the cybersecurity workforce and address the skills gap in the industry. The courses offered in the series cover eight main domains of cybersecurity focused on enhancing your foundational skills on the subject. Further, for in-depth specialization, EC-Council also offers expert courses like Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified SOC Analyst, and more. Go to their train and certify page to check all the available courses.
The E|HE caters to anyone who wants to start a career in cybersecurity or gain fundamental knowledge in ethical hacking. If you are a high school or university student, an IT or tech professional looking towards building a cybersecurity career, you can enroll in EC-Council’s Ethical Hacking program.
Yes, upon completion of the E|HE course and passing the corresponding proctored exam, EC-Council will certify you, validating your knowledge and skills in ethical hacking.
As the E|HE course is tailored for high school students, college and university/college students, career starters, etc., there are no prior educational or experience requirements for joining the course.
Yes, acquiring the E|HE certification enhances your employment prospects and can help you launch a career in cybersecurity. The E|HE course is designed to equip you with fundamental technical skills sought by employers making you eligible for starting entry-level cybersecurity positions like Security Analyst or Junior Penetration Tester. It provides handson training, preparing individuals for real-world challenges in the field. Further, the recognition gained through the EC-Council certification helps you validate your competency and skills in the field.
There are no eligibility criteria to pursue the E|HE certification. The E|HE course is designed for cybersecurity aspirants who want to start their careers. It is ideal for high school or university students who want to launch their careers in cybersecurity and IT or tech professionals who want to get foundational knowledge or transition into cybersecurity.
If you want to switch your career to cybersecurity, it is wise to gain foundational cybersecurity knowledge from courses that equip candidates with entry-level skills, like ECCouncil’s Essentials Series. Focused on eight crucial cybersecurity areas, this series provides hands-on lab experiences to face real-world scenarios.
A proctored exam is supervised by an authorized individual called a proctor to ensure the integrity and security of the exam process. The proctor monitors the test-takers during the exam to prevent any misconduct.
Yes. EC-Council’s Ethical Hacking Essentials (E|HE) includes CTF challenges to encourage students to demonstrate the skills that they gained throughout the Essentials learning. It helps students engage in practical exercises utilized by industry experts and is accompanied by comprehensive lab guides, screenshots, and videos. Further, it also prepares them to develop crucial skills across all course domains necessary for a successful cyber professional role with virtual machines, real networks, and software with enhanced security in a sandbox environment.
Yes, EC-Council’s Essentials Series exams are fully proctored by EC-Council to maintain the integrity and fairness of the certification process. Proctored exams ensure that candidates comply with the rules and regulations established by EC-Council.

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